Saturday, September 29, 2007


don't compete with someone who's not competing with anybody..

it would be complete waste of time!

it's just my observation.. or maybe i'm wrong.. maybe not!

don't ask!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sound Booth

if i got a grade of 0 on my hearing test when learned i'm totally deaf (that was january 2006), now i got grade of 65?! hehe. it really isn't the passing grade, but it's better than getting nothing, right?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I love wearing make-up!

i had my hair cut short yesterday... woohoo! short and shiny.. hehe. we went to the parlor after i've attended mass at megamall.. ok, here's the real start of what i'm gonna blog about.. ;P fr. joey faller holds a healing mass at megamall every 1st wednesday of the month.. and i attend to it, whenever i can, not regularly though.. i just felt like going again yesterday since i got the ABI/PABI stuff in my mind.. hehe. besides, i just like going to healing masses (by a priest of course, not some fake healer) as long as i don't need to wait so long and don't get irate, bored or stuffs like that.. right, i'm not able to hear the whole scenario.. so what? u don't really need eyes, ears, or whatever sense organs to be able to talk to God.. u just need a heart.. woohoo! or brain? with tumors pa yan! haha!what do i get from it? am i healed? i think, yes.. not physically though.. but spiritually.. naks! basta! yun na yun.. and also, i get to see other sick people worse than my case.. and i feel kinda grateful i kinda live normally (normal than they for that matter).. i can do a lot.. i do what i want, that i can.. diba? diba? i go there looking as normal as i can with nice clothes, hair (except yesterday, super buhaghag!) and i put-on make-up as well.. hehe. i don't need to look sick.. i don't need to look sick because i'm sick.. and i don't have to feel sick, right? in a way, i want to show the other patients i meet that there's really a good in it, dba? dba?tama na nga! para ng saint.. wahahaha!

btw, thanks to tita yam for the nice set of eye shadows she gave me.. ;) penge ulit pag-uwi mo! hehe.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

No Sound

my hearing tests were re-scheduled.. when? i dunno? i was kinda excited for it because i'll be able to know already if the loud sound i hear is actually a sound or just vibration (i keep on protesting that i just feel it in my heart.. ang drama eh noh? hehe) though i'm hoping that i'm wrong.. whenever i hear the loud banging of the door in the cr, noynoy's super loud music, the drums during fiesta, maro's hammering of things, or the oh-so-loud and superrr long thunderstorm. i just say: "basta alam ko!" how did i knew? i'm not so sure.. basta alam ko! dra. chiong said it's sound waves.. s skull ko daw galing.. sabi ko sa heart.. damang-dama ko eh.. wahaha! i'll be able to know sana but something went wrong in the auditing ek-ek in pgh since it's a private property (of dra. chiong).. ah basta, hindi daw pwede! boo! anyway, it's ok though coz i haven't reviewed for that 2 tests yet.. hahaha!
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