Sunday, June 28, 2009

Huwag tayong mangamba

This video made by Kuya Sandi for all of us.. Thanks! Thanks!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vincent CANCER-vive!

Whenever someone adds me on Multiply or what ever social networking I joined (except Facebook - strictly for friends only.. strictly talaga.. haha.), I just visit the homepage and confirm it.. Then I just browse around their site whenever I receive an email of their site-update..

Then I saw this:

I immediately clicked on the link to his site.. Then my heart ached. *ouch* my brain hurts pala.. Hehe.

I clicked everything on the site to get all the information regarding Vincent..

Saturday, June 20, 2009



She is Cheska Alterman, 13 years old. She was diagnosed with NF1 5 months ago.. We me her and her mom, Tita Barbara at POC (Phil Orthopedic Center) last Monday. She is on a wheelchair right now because she recently had a nuerofibroma (tumor) operation underneath her thigh and she's having her rehab (PT) at POC..

I cried 3 drops of tears..

This is how my computer screen looks like every 10:30-11pm for 4 (?) weeks.. 1 Liter of Tears is being aired on GMA.. It's tagalog dubbed but I can't hear it so I still need subtitles..

I watched it 3 (or 4) times already, and I always cry 3 drops of tears.. Haha.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Just finished watching the movie version of 1 Litre of Tears.

Because it's a movie, the pacing is fast.. And there aren’t as much tear-jerking scenes as the drama series.. But it's still a tear-jerker.. I prefer the series pa rin.. Ayun, I watch it over and over.. Hehe.

*another blog entry about 1 litre of tears? na-adik na.. ;P

I don't want a time machine

This episode of 1 Liter of Tears was aired today on GMA.. I was really waiting for this episode when she wanted to make a time machine, because I want to blog something related to it.. ^__^

Monday, June 01, 2009

It isn't May 27 anymore but..

Another surprise last May 30 was celebration of my mom's (belated) birthday..

I made her a video..

Here's the first part.. The 2nd part are greetings from her friends.. :D

Let's Celebrate!

We had a simple family get-together last Saturday, May 30 at the Cansino's in Cainta.. Simple yet super fun & full of surprises..
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