Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Today should be my 11th birthday. Haha

October 25, 2005 — it’s my Tita Myrna’s (aunt & godmother) birthday. I was supposed to went upstairs and use the computer to send her an email and greet her a happy birthday but then I suddenly felt very dizzy (servere vertigo) and I can't climb the stairs Vertigo + Severe headache = I passed out and became unconscious..... then DOT DOT DOT

Monday, October 17, 2016

KCAT CAN eBook? Yes

Wanna read this book on your reading devices or your computer? YOU CAN!
You can buy KCAT CAN: I have a pen that writes in eBook (.PDF) format for $10 and pay via PayPal.

PayPal email: kcatyarza@yahoo.com


You can also send an email to me@kcatyarza.com

Let’s inspire each other!
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