Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What do you want?

i want to hear (the noise of the world). i want to move my left arm and hand. i want to write. (i'm a lefty) i want to draw. i want to paint. i want to stand alone without falling. i want to walk. i want to jump. i want to run. ("run, jump, play, make noise but do not sin"-don bosco haha!) i want to see the world clearly. i want to move my facial muscles. (i want to cry? nah.. ) i just want tears. (my eyes are very dry and i need an eye drop for it to moist) i want to close my eyes properly. i want to smile. i want to feel hot/cold water when poured to my left part of the body. i want my tumors to stop growing. i want to get better.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm crazy!

when i received my new make-up set from tita cynthia (w/ camille) i said, "uy sarap gamitin!" tapos the following days i told everyone (not! basta kung sino man..) "mag me-make-up make-up-an ako.. tapos magpipictorial ako.. sali ka?" hehe. i told talitha. i told michelle. i told kayze. i told kariz. i told ysiad. ah basta i told them.. eh wala, nagkalimutan na.. hehe. eh while i was watching pbb (ay mali! i don't really watch it pala.. nakikinood lang.. ;P), i saw na uso pala ang buhok ko ngayon (shaved ng konti tapos kalbo yung part ng mga peklat ko from surgeries).. tagpi-tagpi din yung hair nila.. "in" pa pala tong buhok ko.. hehe. ayun i remembered gusto ko nga palang mag-pictorial kuno.. wala lang.. eh kasi sabi nga ng dad ko: "baliw ka kasi eh!" hehe. kosintedor mom ko eh.. she was my hair stylist, make-up artist & photographer.. dapat si talitha, eh asa nalang ako.. baka mahaba na yung shaved hair ko, d pa siya kumikilos.. super bagggaaaallll!!!! ayun nga baliw ako!


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Friday, April 25, 2008

Maraming Maraming Maraming SALAMAT!!!

due to bad connection and boredom, i made kalikot of photoshop na naman.. maraming salamat lang.. ang dami! hehe

p.s. thanks to the not so anonymous donor, gigi & buddy abad of buena vida, merville.. (saan daw? wahahaha! :P) ayun they left an envelope at Aunt Mary's Bakeshop in moonwalk.. as in left it there lang.. nakita nalang ni tita fides yung envelope with their names on it and cash syempre (:P) thanks talagang talaga!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


hEAR is in TWANG.. thanks to taj!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

May 16

eeeww ba? yehey yan! :P
(i blurred the pic para hindi nakakasindak)

the stitches we're removed last friday, april18.. wala lang.. i just sat there.. parang kinukutuhan or kinakalkal lang balakubak mo.. hehe. let's make it more sosyal.. i'll repeat.. like i'm having a hair treatment in a salon.. pero doctor's clinic talaga.. :P i didn't felt a bit pain.. it's kinda itchy lang.. ayun. tapos. next patient na.. ii'll come back to get my speech processor on may16.. huh?! not may8? yes, you read it right, may 16.. eh kasi my wound should be fully healed before it gets activated to avoid infection.. that means i won't be hearing on my birthday (may13).. but it's ok, i'll celebrate naman on may17 at pgh eh.. ok na rin!

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Give me a gift on my birthday!

my birthday's coming on MAY 13! woohoo!

the cochlear implant is on my wishlist for christmas.. and i got it! yey!

so now, i'll make another wishlist for my birthday..

relax, it not to luxurious.. here it is:
- tissue
- cotton
- alcohol
- soap
- diapers
- and other toiletries that are used during hospitalizations..
- NEW toys

Thursday, April 17, 2008


my nff (new found friend) ida asked me to share my story of faith.. so i'm sharing my step of faith.. i hope it'll touch u in any way..


when i knew i was sick and got brain tumors back in august2004, i accepted it right away..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Please vote for VALEN!

Please register then vote for my friend VALEN in the online battle of the bands of 88DB.com..

i got the chance to listen and watch some of her gigs before i got totally sick and deaf.. she's with a different (now defunt) band though.. basta i'm lucky i got to hear (and see) her perform live.. plus frozen margaritas! yeah!


to VALEN: i'll hear u soon! :)

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Friday, April 11, 2008

to hEAR list

-mama by IL Divo (c/o tita yam)
-hear maro singing
-hear maro reading
-spice girls' new song
-new songssss
-ivan's profile in friendter (bg song)
-high school musical
-jepoy's voice

I'll hEAR u on May8!

woohoo! i'm back from my operation last tuesday morning (april8).. after 6hours inside the operation room, and 2 hours in the recovery room, i was back to my room.. at nag-text kagad! wahaha! the first thing that came to my mind when i was already back to my senses in the recovery room was: "madami na siguro akong new messages sa cellphone?" wahaha! then i realized, i got a cochlear implant na.. woohoo! super happy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'M BACK from my operation last tuesday!!!
i'll update u tomorrow.. goodnight! :)

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

God said I'll hear again!!!

yesterday, after my tests at POC, my fam went to megamall.. kasi maarte ako! talitha and i had a facial (ay, pimple treatment pala).. while ta & i are having our facial ay let's face it, syempre my dad, mom and maro stroll and window-shopped.. window shopping lang ah.. Ayun, they went to the chapel located at the 5th level and maro picked a bunot-bunot for me & ta.. they have this "bunutan" near the chapel entrance-exit.. it's a rolled piece of paper with bible verse written on it.. whenever i get a piece of paper from there, the verse always applies with whatever is happening in my life..

while having dinner, maro handed us the piece of paper.. i laughed so hard when opened and read my paper..
Beafore hearing, answer not, and interupt no one in the middle of his speech

si Lord talaga ang galing humirit! :P

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