Tuesday, August 30, 2005

after a month..

july 25.. GMA's sona.. so what?! talitha, maro and i went to gbelt3 to watch herbie fully loaded.. we immediately went home afterwards coz I really don't like my non-balance.. i needed to always hold on to talitha all the time or i might fall.. when we got home, my vertigo started.. non-stop! so si GMA ang may kasalanan, nag-sona kasi eh! hehe. ano daw?!

then after a month of boredom.. i finally got out of the house.. actually, i got to get out once in a while i was so sick.. but those were trips to the hospital.. hehe. basta! i finally got out! Talitha and i went to glorietta to watch her fave (eeew! haha) nelly.. we watched the longest yard.. and had a superrrrrr foodtrip! as in foodtrip! i don't wanna go back to the mall for a now coz the foods were really tempting.. all i wanna do is eat, eat, eat! ok lang if it's for free eh.. kaya lang i have to pay for it.. KKB eh.. Kay Kcat Bayad.. haha. so ubos money! imagine, we just ate burgers & fries.. tapos we bought popcorn, fries and onion rings to bring in the cinema.. then i was craving for sweets after the movie so we bought gonuts doughnut.. haha! takaw!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

strike 3!

i guess you're wondering what i've been doing these past few weeks (or not).. that's simple.. nothing!

i've been very weak and loss my energy.. as in nada! zero hyperactivity.. zero activity.. zero energy.. i've been really sick! and i hate this feeling.. i often have vertigo (non-stop severe dizziness), i got no balance, and my stomach is soooo upset! plus my tinnitus (the non-stop noise i hear 24/7 in my ears) is getting worse.. all i ever do is sleep, rest and eat all the time.. i sleep for more than 12 hours daily, the longest is 18hours.. exaj sa exaj! grabeh! 

then whenever i walk, i needed to hold on to something to balance myself or else I would fall.. 

when i'm chewing my food, i feel like my head is chewing my brain inside.. 

i can't look far coz everything looks blurry.. i can't even recognize a face from afar.. 

then i keep on burping and releasing acid from my stomach going to my mouth which causes me to vomit.. 

everytime i move, i try to catch my breath.. even after taking a bath, i felt really tired afterwards.. 

i'm always in my room, if not sleeping, i'm just in bed.. i felt really really sick.. and i really hate it! i know i'm sick (for life) but i don't really like feeling like it.. i don't see it as a hindrance or something that will make me stop living life the way i want it.. so i'm sick, carry lang.. 

my doctor told me that the vertigo and all was because the targeted area of the tumors from my radiosurgery were swelling and it's a good sign.. that means, it was really a success.. something really did happen to the tumors.. eh di ok.. carry lang.. 

but as the days and weeks go by.. it doesn't stop.. its becoming worse.. i feel really weak.. all i did was sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.. i am already tired of resting.. but still i'm tired! 

until 1 night.. a felt really really really tired of everything that's happening.. i was about to eat but i can't find a comfortable place and position.. i was here, there, and everywhere but i can't really eat.. i felt so dizzy.. and when i came across the mirror, i saw my self.. i look really sick!!! then when i was about to eat my food, i just can't.. i feel like, if im gonna chew it, i would feel more dizzy.. i just break down and cried. grabeh! d na talga kinaya ng powers ko.. if you'll see me in that situation.. ay wag na.. hehe. so the next day, i was advised by my doctor to be admitted in the hospital so can be injected with dextrose and be given the necessary meds.. so strike 3! third time this year! 

i was confined in the hospital for 3 days.. and thank God i'm better now.. still not 100% ok.. but getting there.. i just need a dose of my vitamin B (as in boylets) and vitamin G (for gimik).. hahaha! joke. pero jokes are half meant.. chaka! hehe. (til here, i'm too lazy to type right now.. next time.)
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