Tuesday, August 30, 2005

after a month..

july 25.. GMA's sona.. so what?! talitha, maro and i went to gbelt3 to watch herbie fully loaded.. we immediately went home afterwards coz I really don't like my non-balance.. i needed to always hold on to talitha all the time or i might fall.. when we got home, my vertigo started.. non-stop! so si GMA ang may kasalanan, nag-sona kasi eh! hehe. ano daw?!

then after a month of boredom.. i finally got out of the house.. actually, i got to get out once in a while i was so sick.. but those were trips to the hospital.. hehe. basta! i finally got out! Talitha and i went to glorietta to watch her fave (eeew! haha) nelly.. we watched the longest yard.. and had a superrrrrr foodtrip! as in foodtrip! i don't wanna go back to the mall for a now coz the foods were really tempting.. all i wanna do is eat, eat, eat! ok lang if it's for free eh.. kaya lang i have to pay for it.. KKB eh.. Kay Kcat Bayad.. haha. so ubos money! imagine, we just ate burgers & fries.. tapos we bought popcorn, fries and onion rings to bring in the cinema.. then i was craving for sweets after the movie so we bought gonuts doughnut.. haha! takaw!

so yun.. hopefully, this is it! sana i'm really getting better.. i can feel it naman.. but it's not 100% yet.. my vision is kinda blurry pa rin..  but it copes after a while.. basta! yun na yon! hehe.

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