Friday, September 30, 2005

Fat Girl Slim

my face is already round.. moon face. t'was caused by the steroids i'm taking right now.. my tummy's huge too.. and i got a double chin.. but still, payat pa rin.. hehe.

i still got a lot of poknats.. parang prayle na nga eh.. haha. my hair's still falling once in a while.. there are times that i'm scared to comb my hair so i would often just let it dry without combing..

i've been hearing a lot of sounds (tinnitus) in my ears.. all sorts of noises.. wind, rain, cricket, some hospital machine, radio static, morse code, and a lot more! there was one time i heard people screaming, baby crying, songs i can't understand, radio static, people talking but i can't really understand it like there a wall or water in petween us.. i've been hearing all sorts of noises all at the time and it gives me a headache! grabeh! nakakabaliw!!! kaya i'm so bingi! don't you ever talk to me if you got a soft voice coz i won't be able to hear you.. hehe. seryoso. ;P

i still feel like the world is a big balance beam most of the time.. imagine, i fell inside the cabinet, nearly fell off the stairs alot of times, bump on the the wall and nearly fell on the floor.. gewang-gewang talaga.. mas kaya ko pang maglakad ng straight pag naka-inom.. haha. i almost forgot, i bump my head on the wall pala earlier while trying to lie down to bed.. galing noh? kaya mo yon? haha! ;P

luckily, i'm not vomiting anymore.. though my stomach hurts sometimes.. maybe coz of too much food.. haha! imagine, i eat breakfast twice or thrice.. and take note it should be a rice meal.. haha! may side snacks pa yan ah.. haha! all i ever do is eat, eat, eat! hehe.

so that's what's happening.. im just updating my blog.. ;)

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