Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's reach out..

this little girl is so strong..

This is Alyssa Bautista.. She's 6 years old and was diagnosed with Leukemia last April 1, 2009.. I don't know her personally, I just stumbled upon her site.. Let's spread the word, reach out & pray for Alyssa..

Btw, I read on her blog that it's her birthday this April 23, Thursday.. Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Wishlist

It's gonna be my birthday next month once again.. May. Yipee. I'm gonna be 26.. Boo. Anyway, like everyone, I also have a wishlist.. This has been my wishlist for 3 years now..

OK here's my wishlist:
- tissue
- cotton
- alcohol
- soap
- diapers
- and other necessities that are used during hospitalizations..
- NEW toys

Saturday, April 11, 2009

She's not sick, she's just a bit unwell

This is definitely a good read, plus you get to help someone.. I bought a copy last year & bought another one for my turtle friends (the remigio brothers & sister)

I'm happy. I'm scrappy. I'm kcat.

I have a new blog!

It's a photo blog where I upload all my digi-scraps.. Ang cute kasi eh.. Thanks to Cathie for Introducing me to digital scrapbooking..

1. Quarrelsome; contentious.
2. Full of fighting spirit.
I'm not quarrelsome, but I'm full of fighting spirit..

Monday, April 06, 2009

This is definitely a good news..

Stem Cells Could Cure Deafness
Stem cell researchers have made a breakthrough they believe could someday cure deafness, the Times of London reports. The British team, working with stem cells from the inner ear, have successfully grown early versions of the cells that enable hearing and now aim to create functional cells that can be transplanted into the inner ear to reverse hearing loss. Researchers say a cure for total hearing loss is still at least a decade away, but believe their work can be used immediately to test new drugs and probe the causes of deafness. "This research is incredibly promising and opens up exciting possibilities by bringing us closer to restoring hearing in the future,” said a research director at the Royal National Institute for the Deaf.
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