Sunday, May 28, 2006


its really painless! mabigat lang pag tinutusok but after that, you won't be feeling it's there pala.

i'm having acupuncture sessions at orthopedic m-w-f, dati it was everyday kaya its too exhausting to go there in q.c. kaya thrice a week nalang.

i used to have my therapy sessions at pgh kaya lang nothing happened. there were improvements naman kahit pano. thankfully, God lead us to dra. garcia thru lola nene (dra. altre). ayun, im having acupuncture sessions with her and i'm feeling stronger already. yey! when im really stronger already, they'll teach me how to walk na. lakwatsa na naman! hehe.

so far, i can already move my left leg na, hirap lang talaga maglakad but i'll work on that.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


my friends had a fund raising for me @ jig in dbtc last january 2006. thaks to adie for the lay-out of the poster.

Dead People

i saw dead people..

i remember seeing my dead lolo (Papa GALS in red) when i had my open-close brain surgery last january 2005. then while i was confined last october-november 2005, i saw another dead lolo (Lolo Pete in white). that doesn't stop there, while i was at home, in my bed, i saw the image of Blessed Laura Vicuña. sosyal! i even saw an upcoming saint. hehe. "Suffer silent, smile always" daw. ;)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happy Birthday ME

It's my lola's birthday today. We call her ME and she is our "langit". We threw a simple surprise party for her outside our house.

I was able to edit this pic with only one hand and one eye. hehe. malinaw na left eye ko eh, the right eye can already see malabo nga lang.

I'm back!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


i'm already 23! celebrated my bday last may13, though i was still sick i had a party. it was showered with a lot of blessings kasi bumabagyo. hehe.

the pastor from mang's church came over that afternoon & prayed for me. then that night, i was able to move my left foot. not totally but i was able to raise it. that was my bday gift! thank you Lord!


its been a long time. it was 2005.

what the hell happened?

october25, i was admitted again. headache again. i can't remember how painful it was anymore. basta masakit talaga!!! few days later i got a vp shunt operation because i devoped hydrocephalus. the water has been drained from my head. if you'll see me you now, you can still feel the tube and the shunt from my head going to the stomach. parang bukol na may tube. malamang. i was underKCAT again! i can't remember the details basta i got really sick. until my left extremities weakened, i can't move. i remember i had a flu that won't go away. basta i was really weak and sick. until i can't eat anymore. i find it hard to swallow my food, so i had a tube from my nose going to my stomach. i was fed with liquefied foods.

i was supposed to have a surgery because there's water in my in my lungs and it has to be drained. i was already prepared for the surgery inside the operating room when the doctor said "ok na" and i was brought back to my room. the medicine has already taken action. it's like a miracle happened. nasa loob ng o.r. tapos baglang ok na.

during my hospital stay, my right eye had scar because it got hit by the wood in my hand to support the dextrose. nasugatan ko ang sarili ko!

december22. i got out of the hospital few days before christmas.

it was my worst christmas and new year because i was really sick, i wasn't able to celebrate it.

few days after new year i had a hearing aid because my hearing is continuously deteriorating. i almost can't hear anymore but less than a month of using it, i became totally deaf.

i had physical therapy so i can walk, but nothing happened.

i can't hear anymore. we were warned  by dr. lopez before that i may lost my hearing someday. and that "someday" already came.

then i had another surgery because the tube from my nose was transferred to my stomach because its really been hard for me.

holy week was different this time. not only that i was sick, i felt like i was insane. i keep repeating what i can lip read, i can't sleep, i was counting the days, i was waiting for the week to end and i don't know why.

i'm currently having acupuncture to get stronger. im gonna blog about it next time.

right now, i'm still sick but i feel better.

before, i can't stand to sit for a long time, mabigat kagad ulo ko.
before, i even find it hard to move my right. now nakakagalaw na talaga.
before, i find it hard to chew and swallow. ang takaw ko na ngayon.
before. i can't stand to get stay longer than less than 20minutes infront of the computer -pagod kagad.
before, i can't totally hear. now i can hear high pitch noise. i'll blog about it next time.
there is a lot of progress as the day goes by. don't worry i'll blog about everything else next time.

Monday, May 15, 2006


this was posted on my friendster account, this was written I think around March or April:

About Me:
TOUCH- my right face is numb, my left foot and arm is also numb
SMELL-  my right nose is bleeding and my left has a tube on it
SIGHT- my left eye has a blurry vision as well as my right eye which has scar on the cornea
TASTE- i can't eat!
HEARING- i'm deaf right now..
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