Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Season Greetings!


everyone is writing about it.. their parties.. dinner.. wish lists.. gifts.. ako din noh! haha.

the season isn't over yet.. after gya's new year party, yun tapos na.. we're gonna party! yahu! videoke.. our special exchange gift.. foods.. and friends.. buti nlang ysiad will join us na.. last christmas kasi she wasn't with us.. she celebrated christmas infront of the pc.. working..

Friday, November 24, 2006


i'm not sick.. i'm just taking a rest..

i'm not deaf.. i just don't wanna hear the noise of the world..

not that i can't walk.. i'm just too tired of using my feet..

not that i couldn't use my left arm and hand.. i just wanna use my right..

not that i can't smile.. i just don't wanna show how happy i am..

sorry.. but i don't feel sorry for myself.. hehe.

yabang eh noh? hehe.

i'm not in denial.. i'm just living my life.. haha!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2nd floor

i saved it already as a movie file.. but no one has to transfer it in a cd since the pc with the cd burner is upstairs.. upstairs! but i'm downstairs!!!

upstairs.. it's been more than a year since i set foot upstairs.. last time i saw how upstairs look like was october 25, 2005.. before i was brought to the hospital.. dati nga i was taong taas.. i'm always upstairs.. i seldom use this pc sa baba.. tapos when i kinda lost my balance.. i would go down nalang whenever i need to go to the cr to take a bath.. ginagamit ko lang yung cr sa taas just for peeing.. ay, i take a bath din pala don minsan.. tapos the food was always being brought to me.. para i won't go down na.. i was having a hard time kasi to use the stairs.. lagi ako nao-off balance.. i might fall.. kaya yon.. sa taas lang ako.. when i had my thesis din pala.. taong taas din ako.. i can't leave what i was doing eh.. kaya most of the time i'm infront of the pc.. upstairs.. basta talagang i'm always upstairs lang whenever i'm at home..

now, i don't even know how it looks like.. balita ko, magulo pa din siya.. hehe.

i wonder, when will i get the chance to see the view upstairs? drama mo! hehe.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Standing on my own

i have a surprise for u..


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Walk.. Walk.. Walk..

i was inside the pt room.. while my left leg and arm has muscle stimulator on it.. i can't help but look around.. observing others.. while their having their therapy session too.. people with canes, walker and 'saklay' are everywhere.. not to forget the people on their 'wheels'.. of course, that includes me..

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


i've been busy doing some designing stuff.. be it for friends or just my passion.. i've designed the cover for my cd.. my thank you video.. i'm gonna giving out copies to eveyone.. i put some cheverloo in it.. plus a bonus video.. hehe

i really like doing stuff for others.. with that i feel like i'm really not worthless.. even though i'm in this condition.. i still can do things i'm good at.. yesterday, i made a powerpoint presentation for kayzeleen batching.. then i made an invitation for cathy's daughter's birthday.. then i'll be doing janna's powerpoint presentation.. then i'm gonna make another AVP for someone's birthday.. and another ones birthday.. secret na yon.. hehe.

gotta go.. we're gonna have a party pa eh..

Monday, October 23, 2006


it was talitha's debut last october 21, 2006.. it was also my thanksgiving party too.. i made a short clip before i had my so-called opening speech.. drama daw.. eh comedy talaga to.. hehe.

follow this link..

btw, here's the vid din i made for talitha.. i divided it into 2 parts kasi up to 10mins. lang sa youtube.. aun.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

neon egg

the advantage of "my wheels"..

we get to have a good parking slot..

btw, i learned that the english term for kwek-kwek is neon egg.. share ko lang.. hehe.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Coming Soon

i got some ideas and things things that I wanna blog.. kaya lang as usual tinatamad ako.. hehe. i'm too lazy to type.. dah! i'm typing na kaya.. haha. ah basta! besides, i'm editing some pix pa for the gya website.. when i'm done with it. dito naman ako.. okie?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ina Mo

it's not her birthday.. it's not mother's day either.. but i'm writing about my mom..

senti mode muna ha.. haha.

i'm not really expressive until i became deaf.. i always express how i feel.. wala lang. feeling ko i need to let it out.. so, yun nga, i always tell the person how i feel for him/her..

so now, my mom naman..

i am really really grateful for my mom.. she's the one who takes care of me.. so if i finally got better, it'll be because of my mom.. i'm getting better na nga eh.. i don't feel weak anymore.. basta i'll be fully well soon!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Hand

if there's a happy feet, there's also a..

my happy hands..

thanks to happy feet slippers, i got the idea of my happy hand..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's Me! Ako! Ako! Ako!

Why me?

That's what people often ask. So, why me nga? Sa totoo lang, I never questioned God about my sickness and the things I've been going through. Never. Promise, I've come to accept it from the time I got my MRI result and confirmed it with my doctor that I have brain tumor; multiple brain tumors. I was even proud of having all those tumors.. Showing my MRI plates to everyone.. Cheerfully pointing the tumors on the plates. Baliw lang.. Haha. Eh, why should I be sad ba? It's there na eh.. So, I was just sharing the news. Not-so-good news na nga magpapaka-bad vibes pa ko.. Ayoko nga!

So, why me?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Deafness Chikahan

scary isn't it? not being able to hear whatever.. but it isn't that bad after all..

i've been deaf since january.. but i fell like it even before pa.. when my hearing was already deteriorating.. actually, left ko nalang nakakarinig noon coz my right ear is not responding (according to the hearing test) na.. i even had a hearing aid on my left ear, ang sarap pala makarinig! hehe. but suddenly, i became totally deaf.. i used to say "pag di ko narinig, eh di wag!" so whatever i hear, yun na yon.. that was nung may naririnig pa kong konti.. eh now, wala na talaga.. so, what? hehe.

i already accepted the fact that i can't be able to hear anymore.. there came a time when i was really crying coz i really really really wanna hear.. i was thinking that it could only be a dream, when i wake up, i'll be able to hear again.. but i didn't! i was still deaf..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chenilyn Bumblebee

chenilyn bumblebee!

i missed saying that..
so, isa pa..

chenilyn bumblebee! hehe.

busy as a bumbleebee? not really..

i sometimes envy those people who are doing a lot of stuffs even though they keep on complaining about the loads of things they needed to be done..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Questions about NF2.. hopefully answered.

been surfing the net.. eh i saw this one.. just incase you might wanna know..

What is neurofibromatosis type 2?
Neurofibromatosis type 2 is a disorder in which noncancerous tumors called vestibular schwannomas or acoustic neuromas develop along nerves in the inner ear. Tumors can also occur on nerves in other areas of the brain or spinal cord.
Signs and symptoms usually appear during adolescence or in a person's early twenties. The most common early symptoms are hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and problems with balance, which are caused by tumors growing on nerves that lead from the ear to the brain. If tumors develop in other parts of the brain or spinal cord, signs and symptoms vary according to the tumor's location. They can include seizures, changes in vision or sensation, numbness or weakness in the arms or legs, and fluid buildup in the brain. Some people with neurofibromatosis type 2 also develop clouding of the lens in the eye (cataracts) at an early age.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Red Alert

my super dry & scarred red eye.. bow.

Monday, August 14, 2006

How am I?

i was suppose to have my therapy today but it was raining so hard, kaya di na natuloy. btw, i have 3 kinds of therapy na pala. physical therapy for walking & so i can move my left arm. occupational therapy so i could smile & move my face. my therapist would also teach my right to do what the left arm & hand does since im left handed and i can't use my left. and finally, acupuncture to make me stronger. i'm getting stronger naman. kaya lng, dati it's for free, ngayon may bayad na. hehe. it's worth it naman eh. sabi nga ng therapist ko, im motivated daw, i'm too willing to get better. talaga noh! ang tagal na kasi eh, i wanna be ok na talaga. gusto ko na mag-lakwatsa! hehe.

btw, here are some questions & answers i always encounter. katamad na kasi, paulit-ulit eh. hehe. tamad ko noh?

Friday, July 14, 2006


i can't hear..
i can't walk..
i can't move my arms..
i can't wiggle my fingers..
i can't swallow well..
i can't write..
i can't stand alone..
i can't smile..
i can't spit..
i can't see well..
i can't use my left hand..

i can't do ALOT of things but that doesn't stop me from doing the things I CAN..

life must go on..

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wala Lang

there's something i wanna blog about kaya lang tinatamad na ko and im starving pa. nako im really huge na talaga. u have no idea. i could give you a hint.. my waist measures 34.5inches! ha!har!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


its really painless! mabigat lang pag tinutusok but after that, you won't be feeling it's there pala.

i'm having acupuncture sessions at orthopedic m-w-f, dati it was everyday kaya its too exhausting to go there in q.c. kaya thrice a week nalang.

i used to have my therapy sessions at pgh kaya lang nothing happened. there were improvements naman kahit pano. thankfully, God lead us to dra. garcia thru lola nene (dra. altre). ayun, im having acupuncture sessions with her and i'm feeling stronger already. yey! when im really stronger already, they'll teach me how to walk na. lakwatsa na naman! hehe.

so far, i can already move my left leg na, hirap lang talaga maglakad but i'll work on that.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


my friends had a fund raising for me @ jig in dbtc last january 2006. thaks to adie for the lay-out of the poster.

Dead People

i saw dead people..

i remember seeing my dead lolo (Papa GALS in red) when i had my open-close brain surgery last january 2005. then while i was confined last october-november 2005, i saw another dead lolo (Lolo Pete in white). that doesn't stop there, while i was at home, in my bed, i saw the image of Blessed Laura Vicuña. sosyal! i even saw an upcoming saint. hehe. "Suffer silent, smile always" daw. ;)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happy Birthday ME

It's my lola's birthday today. We call her ME and she is our "langit". We threw a simple surprise party for her outside our house.

I was able to edit this pic with only one hand and one eye. hehe. malinaw na left eye ko eh, the right eye can already see malabo nga lang.

I'm back!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


i'm already 23! celebrated my bday last may13, though i was still sick i had a party. it was showered with a lot of blessings kasi bumabagyo. hehe.

the pastor from mang's church came over that afternoon & prayed for me. then that night, i was able to move my left foot. not totally but i was able to raise it. that was my bday gift! thank you Lord!


its been a long time. it was 2005.

what the hell happened?

october25, i was admitted again. headache again. i can't remember how painful it was anymore. basta masakit talaga!!! few days later i got a vp shunt operation because i devoped hydrocephalus. the water has been drained from my head. if you'll see me you now, you can still feel the tube and the shunt from my head going to the stomach. parang bukol na may tube. malamang. i was underKCAT again! i can't remember the details basta i got really sick. until my left extremities weakened, i can't move. i remember i had a flu that won't go away. basta i was really weak and sick. until i can't eat anymore. i find it hard to swallow my food, so i had a tube from my nose going to my stomach. i was fed with liquefied foods.

i was supposed to have a surgery because there's water in my in my lungs and it has to be drained. i was already prepared for the surgery inside the operating room when the doctor said "ok na" and i was brought back to my room. the medicine has already taken action. it's like a miracle happened. nasa loob ng o.r. tapos baglang ok na.

during my hospital stay, my right eye had scar because it got hit by the wood in my hand to support the dextrose. nasugatan ko ang sarili ko!

december22. i got out of the hospital few days before christmas.

it was my worst christmas and new year because i was really sick, i wasn't able to celebrate it.

few days after new year i had a hearing aid because my hearing is continuously deteriorating. i almost can't hear anymore but less than a month of using it, i became totally deaf.

i had physical therapy so i can walk, but nothing happened.

i can't hear anymore. we were warned  by dr. lopez before that i may lost my hearing someday. and that "someday" already came.

then i had another surgery because the tube from my nose was transferred to my stomach because its really been hard for me.

holy week was different this time. not only that i was sick, i felt like i was insane. i keep repeating what i can lip read, i can't sleep, i was counting the days, i was waiting for the week to end and i don't know why.

i'm currently having acupuncture to get stronger. im gonna blog about it next time.

right now, i'm still sick but i feel better.

before, i can't stand to sit for a long time, mabigat kagad ulo ko.
before, i even find it hard to move my right. now nakakagalaw na talaga.
before, i find it hard to chew and swallow. ang takaw ko na ngayon.
before. i can't stand to get stay longer than less than 20minutes infront of the computer -pagod kagad.
before, i can't totally hear. now i can hear high pitch noise. i'll blog about it next time.
there is a lot of progress as the day goes by. don't worry i'll blog about everything else next time.

Monday, May 15, 2006


this was posted on my friendster account, this was written I think around March or April:

About Me:
TOUCH- my right face is numb, my left foot and arm is also numb
SMELL-  my right nose is bleeding and my left has a tube on it
SIGHT- my left eye has a blurry vision as well as my right eye which has scar on the cornea
TASTE- i can't eat!
HEARING- i'm deaf right now..
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