Monday, August 14, 2006

How am I?

i was suppose to have my therapy today but it was raining so hard, kaya di na natuloy. btw, i have 3 kinds of therapy na pala. physical therapy for walking & so i can move my left arm. occupational therapy so i could smile & move my face. my therapist would also teach my right to do what the left arm & hand does since im left handed and i can't use my left. and finally, acupuncture to make me stronger. i'm getting stronger naman. kaya lng, dati it's for free, ngayon may bayad na. hehe. it's worth it naman eh. sabi nga ng therapist ko, im motivated daw, i'm too willing to get better. talaga noh! ang tagal na kasi eh, i wanna be ok na talaga. gusto ko na mag-lakwatsa! hehe.

btw, here are some questions & answers i always encounter. katamad na kasi, paulit-ulit eh. hehe. tamad ko noh?

how have i been? i'm ok naman though i still couldn't do a lot. i still can't walk, smile, move my left arm and hand & my left is kinda numb.

can i eat solid foods? if you'll see me, ang taba-taba ko na! hehe. all i ever do is eat and sleep. as in lamon. hehe. though i still have the tube on my stomach coz i still can't swallow well especially liquid. it always took me so long to finish my food coz it has to be chewed finely. so, the tube's for water & my medicines.

does acupuncture hurt? i'm so used to needles, so chicken na lng yan. hehe. but no, it doesn't hurt. not at all. medyo i could feel it lang pag tinutusok then when it's there na, wala na. you won't feel like it's there. parang wala lng, natulog lang ako. hehe.

newei, tinatamad na naman ako & i'm kinda starving na rin. haha. so 'til here. feel free to me questions ha. i'll answer it naman basta hini ako tinatamad. hehe.

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