Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chenilyn Bumblebee

chenilyn bumblebee!

i missed saying that..
so, isa pa..

chenilyn bumblebee! hehe.

busy as a bumbleebee? not really..

i sometimes envy those people who are doing a lot of stuffs even though they keep on complaining about the loads of things they needed to be done..
complaining about being busy? it's really true that you'll realize the importance of something once you lose it.. i've thought about that one sleepless night.. haha. i mean, i really can't do a lot of things i used to do.. i complain about doing some stuff before.. when i still can but won't.. now i can't do it anymore.. don't think that i see it permanently ah.. syempre temporay lang 'to.. i'm still not losing hope.. i'll get better.. coming soon.. haha. as for now, i do the things i can still do.. if i can do it, i do it! i still manage a positive outlook.. finding something positive on the most negative thing.. sana, ikaw din! haha.

chenilyn bumblebee!


chenilyn bumblebee!

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