Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Birthday's Over

MAY birthday is over! The month of MAY is birthday season talaga dito sa bahay.. Hehe. Feeling ko lang it was may birthday the whole month of May.. :P

so, ayun nga.. we also had a gift-giving at POC (Phil. Orthopedic Center) children's ward.. We distributed the remaining goodies from our pgh project.. we just maximized it to be able to reachout to the whole ward (around 80 children).. The day before, my mom went there to get their basic infos (name, age & condition na rin) so that we could give their basic needs nalang.. Para nga magkasya.. Basta we gave out everything to everyone.. Basic necessities, toys, goodies, etc..

Sunday, May 27, 2007


i got two blogs..
multiply = physical
blogger = emotional

ay! i got 3 nga pala! ;P

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday!

Days before my birthday I felt excited na to blog about this.. Kaya lng ngyon naman I find it hard to start.. Kaya ganito nlng.. Ayan. May intro na.. ;P

Kaka-excite kasi yung mga tissue, toys, etc. Dami-dami! saya!

Kasi, once upon a time, my fam and I went to Tagaytay.. While on the way, bigla nlng may idea ako. sabi ko, "Sa hospital nalang ako mag-birthday!" Syempre todo explain.. ;P No, I don't wanna be confined again noh.. Wag! Yoko nga!!! It won't really be a party na party tlga.. Simple lang.. We'll just give out foods, toys, and kung ano man.. And wish granted!
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