Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday!

Days before my birthday I felt excited na to blog about this.. Kaya lng ngyon naman I find it hard to start.. Kaya ganito nlng.. Ayan. May intro na.. ;P

Kaka-excite kasi yung mga tissue, toys, etc. Dami-dami! saya!

Kasi, once upon a time, my fam and I went to Tagaytay.. While on the way, bigla nlng may idea ako. sabi ko, "Sa hospital nalang ako mag-birthday!" Syempre todo explain.. ;P No, I don't wanna be confined again noh.. Wag! Yoko nga!!! It won't really be a party na party tlga.. Simple lang.. We'll just give out foods, toys, and kung ano man.. And wish granted!

When the month of may entered, nag-start na din magkatotoo ang aking pangarap.. Hehe. Sabi ko, pedia.. pero dami non ah. Tapos cancer patients dapat. Tapos neuro-pedia nalang since neuro patient din ako.. Para masaya! Hehe. Tapos neuro surgery din.. Neuro kasi nga neuro din me.. Para nga masaya.. paulit-ulit nman.. Di matapos-tapos. Kasi nga "I feel for you" ang drama.. ;P Drama mode muna ah.. Hehe. Drama nga eh.. Kaya huhuhu dapat!

I chose neuro ward kasi I wanna let them know na ako din nga one of them.. Pero kahit sick eh ok nman ako (baliw lng tlga! hehe).. Life must go on talaga.. Though they may not be fully well, the world still wants them.. (You like me dba?) Even though i'm deaf, I can't walk, My vision is super blurry, parang paralyze yung left body ko & I can't smile.. I'm smiling pa din deep inside.. :))

Ayun nga. I texted and emailed all of my friends and close relatives asking for whatever they could share for this event.. Instead of C2 iced tea or cherry coke, which i asked from them on my past birthdays, this time mga toiletries nman like tissue, cotton, diaper, alcohol, powder, soap, etc. ang birthday wishlist ko.. Kasi para yung mga patients instead of buying these kind of necessities, gamitin nalang nila yung money nila na (for sure di madaling hagilapin) for their meds..

Btw, here's the copy of my email.. It's not formally and seriously written pero sincere yan.. Gus2 ko lng post.. ;P
Hi! Good Morning if it's morning.. Good Afternoon if it's afternoon.. Good Evening if it's evening.. and Goodnight if it's already late at night and you're about to sleep after logging on & checking your email.. Hehe. good day na nga lang.. ;) 
It's my birthday this coming May 13 but I'm not having a party. So this isn't really an invitation. But I'll be needing your help.. No i'm not asking you to throw me a party.. I'll be celebrating it at the neuro-pedia & neuro-surgery charity wards of PGH (Philippine General Hospital).. I wanna share with them foods, toys & necessities (tissue, cotton, alcohol, diapers).. 
Even though i'm sick & I'm in this condition, I still feel so blessed with love & care from YOU, my friends & family.. I wanna let them know that I'm one of them too but I'm fighting.. i can't do a lot of things but that doesn't stop me from doing the things that I can.. I want to share these blessings.. I can and I will. 
But I need your help.. and I'm sincerely asking you for birthday presents to share to those patients. I will be very happy & grateful with whatever you're willing to share. Thank you and God Bless! 
Kcat Yarza
tapos my mom & dad sent it to their friends din.. Kaya madami..

I stexted my friends din.. Share ko din yung text message.. ;P 2 versions 'to.. Nakalimutan ko kasi sendan yung iba eh, so gumawa uli ako the following day.. Here it is: intindihin nyo nalang.. :P
Hi! Lapit na bday ko.. Pero ders no party kaya ds isnt an invitation.. Instead, il celebrate it @ pgh neuro-pedia n neuro ward.. D naman ako magpaparty, instead we'r gona give out toys sa kids tapos mga toiletries sa lahat.. Since I was a neuro patient dn.. I knw how it feels 2 b in a hosptal bed.. Im stil so lucky kc i still feel so blessed.. So, i wana share n reachout sana.. I nid ur help.. F u cud gift me w/ toiletries lyk alcohol, cotton, tissue, diaper, etc.. I rili nid ur help guys & girls.. Yun na birthday gift nyo sakin.. Sapilitan humihingi ng gift eh noh? Hehe. Thank u thank u tlga.. *mwah* 
Hi! Lapt na bday k.. Hapi bday 2me! Hehe. Ders no party so ds isnt rili an invitation.. Im actually askng 4 bday gifts.. Pro nt 4me..
kc im planing to celebr8 my bday @ neuro-pedia n neuro surgery charity ward @ pgh.. we'l b gving them fuds, toys n othr necessities..
i rili nid ur help.. Im askng u 2 gift me sum of d necessities lyk tissue, cotton, diaper, alcohol, etc. and toys too.. I wana share my blessings.. And you are my one of my many blessing, dat why.. besyds, im also a neuro patient like dem.. tnx!
We were able to reachout to 2 Pedia wards and 2 Neurosurgery wards 

Super thank you talaga! As in.. We're not rich naman, so we won't be able to fund the whole thing without everyone's help.. salamat! Super happy talaga ako when I saw them na tuwang-tuwa pati na yung mga bantay nila.. Hehe. Para akong candidate sa election while i was roaming around.. wala nga lng shake hands, we're reaching out.. Kahit na I'm not a politician, celebrity or someone famous/influential to do that kind of stuff.. Go pa rin! Baket ba? gusto ko lng.. :D

I wanna share with them din kasi the blessings i'm receiving.. not necessarily materially, pero yung iba pa.. Na madami.. I'm so blessed with friends and family! Kaya I wanna share what these people have given me. Sali na rin natin yung effort.. Dba?

Btw uli, naka-kita pa ko ng same case ko.. He's an nf2 patient din.. Naging deaf din sya, pero nakakarinig na ngyon.. Pero malabo ang vision.. Everything has a reason tlga.. Siguro one of the many reasons why I had this kind of event eh para nga malaman namin na may hope pa talgaa yung hearing ko.. Assuming lang.. Hehe. Positive. Positive. Ganito nlng isipin niyo, If ain't sick, maiisip ko kaya yung idea na 'to? Thank u tlga! Happy birthday to me!

After the event, I told my mom that I'll do this again next year and as long as I'm celebrating my birthday. MAY Birthday Project is born!

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