Tuesday, May 03, 2005

C2 Iced Tea

i slept around 8am yesterday.. re-desiging my blog.. answering surveys (for friendster bulletin).. uploading pix.. making taj's calling card.. and playing astro pop pala.. haha! then cathy (gingersnaps) came over around 11:30am.. i slept @ the sofa again.. so when she arrived i was still sleeping.. but that's the reason why i chose to there, so that i could immediately wake up when cathy arrives.. besides, i let kayze slept in our bed with talitha coz their door was locked after we went to kalentong to buy lugaw around 4am.. haha!

cathy did some lay-outing for their just g catazine.. since im the nearest and available person who could let her use a pc with photoshop (cs).. it's sooo ok with me.. why not? anything for a friend..

then i went to glorietta with talitha, kayze (*ching), paula, janna & cathy to chill.. hehe! nah, talitha paid her phone bill.. next nlng yung chill.. hehe! chill. chill. chill. uy, i miss chillin' with tito jim, kate & cris @ g4.. saya-saya.. i miss strolling with lheeyah too.. i miss our dates.. we have lotsa pending dates pa ah

btw, i already have an idea what you guys are suppose to give me on my birthday.. c2 ice tea! any flavor.. last year, i got 34 cherry coke from my friends.. now, i want a c2 ice tea naman.. k? hehe! omg, i'm gonna turn 16 again.. in my dreams! ;P

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