Monday, October 24, 2005


i'm dizzy that's why i feel lazy.. hayyy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


i was in the hospital (lourdes hospital) again this morning around 4am.. no, i wasn't admitted again, thankfully.. but i was needed to be given oxygen.. i really can't breathe! t'was due to my bloated hard tummy.. while i was sleeping, i was struggling to breathe.. at first, i didn't wanna go to the hospital coz i was sleepy and thought my breathing will normalize soon.. but it didn't.. it even got worse.. as in super hirap! so i finally decided to go.. as always, i find it hard to walk coz i still got poor balance.. so my dad was holding me from the right and tito jim on the left.. it's so hard to walk.. madilim pa!

i stayed in the emergency room for more than 2hours.. we went home around 6:30am.. may araw na! and i'm starving already.. haha! and thankfully, my breathing was normal na.. hay grabeh! suki talaga! i'm tired of eating na.. pero i love eating! labo! basta. i just hope later, my doctor would decrease the dosage of the steroids i'm taking na.. my head's not hurting na naman eh.. not like before.. it only hurts when im starving.. so, food is the solution! pagkain pa rin?! haha!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Moon Face

finally, after 4months, i got to go to church.. grabe! the last time i went to church was before my surgery pa @ st.jude.. i often get this sunday sickness kasi.. most of the sundays i plan to go to church and attend mass, either i feel dizzy, got a headache or not feeling well at all.. and at last, this morning, i got to go to church na.. kaya lang.. i didn't understand a single word the priest and the commentators said.. as in. i'm so deaf! i'm really having a hard time listening to everything.. plus my right ear can't hear anything most of the time, just vibrations.. kaya mostly, i'm alone upstairs in bed, in silent mode.. parang baliw.. nagmumuni-muni.. haha! ganon din naman eh, i won't be able to hear everything people are talking about.. kaya hindi nalang ako nakikinig.. ;P

i super got no balance pa.. i always fall on the right side.. i'm scared na nga minsan to go downstairs coz i feel like falling on the stairs.. even when i'm just walking, i still fall.. super hawak dapat! hay!

super taba ko na! as in.. imagine, i eat rice meals 6 times a day.. i'm always hungry.. i got a high dosage of steroids and i'm taking it 2x a day.. my shorts doesn't fit me anymore.. my blouse are hanging on my tummy already.. i got a big tummy and a round face.. it's not healthy anymore coz i keep on eating but i don't have any activities or exercise.. ends up, i feel pain in my bones and i easily get tired.. mostly gasping for air to breathe.. i also feel my skin stretching.. exaj! taba! haha.

but still, i got a list of foods i'm craving for.. haha! i wanna eat, though i feel tired of it.. labo ba? basta.. here are some of the foods im craving for:

Thursday, October 13, 2005


my head ached this morning.. and i was really scared!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


ganon pala yon?!

there are things you're unconscious of doing.. as in you have no idea of a single thing you've done..

i was really in pain last friday.. my head hurts really, really, really bad! as in my whole head.. nakakabaliw! as in! actually, my head was hurting for weeks already but the worse scenario was last friday! i vomitted whatever food i would eat.. i really got no balance.. my eyes and nose hurts.. plus the side of my head.. the back.. and there's like a space between my skull and brain.. super sakit talaga! i was screaming.. crying.. and even poking my head.. and i feel so deaf.. as in i can't remember hearing people's voices.. even my own voice..
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