Tuesday, October 18, 2005


i was in the hospital (lourdes hospital) again this morning around 4am.. no, i wasn't admitted again, thankfully.. but i was needed to be given oxygen.. i really can't breathe! t'was due to my bloated hard tummy.. while i was sleeping, i was struggling to breathe.. at first, i didn't wanna go to the hospital coz i was sleepy and thought my breathing will normalize soon.. but it didn't.. it even got worse.. as in super hirap! so i finally decided to go.. as always, i find it hard to walk coz i still got poor balance.. so my dad was holding me from the right and tito jim on the left.. it's so hard to walk.. madilim pa!

i stayed in the emergency room for more than 2hours.. we went home around 6:30am.. may araw na! and i'm starving already.. haha! and thankfully, my breathing was normal na.. hay grabeh! suki talaga! i'm tired of eating na.. pero i love eating! labo! basta. i just hope later, my doctor would decrease the dosage of the steroids i'm taking na.. my head's not hurting na naman eh.. not like before.. it only hurts when im starving.. so, food is the solution! pagkain pa rin?! haha!

btw, i got onto a weighing scale in the hospital.. my weight: 116lbs. bigat ko na! my original weight was 105lbs., then it dropped to 102lbs. when i was confined for the 3rd time, the time i was really weak.. that was the last time i checked.. now, 116! pero di ko na talaga carry! i'm really having a hard time na.. wala kasing activity eh.. i can't move normally naman.. and i always feel drowsy and dizzy when i walk.. ano ba ititch!?

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