Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bon Voyage My Tumor!

i'll be leaving for the hospital in about 20 minutes.. i'll be confined today @ st. lukes then tomorrow's gonna be my Stereotactic RadioSurgery (SRS).. i'll be coming home on thursday.. i still got a lot of stories to tell about our (trish, lea, cathy & me) adventure at punta fuego.. basta. basta. see yah! ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Katherine BumbleBee

may22.. yeah right! haha

it was kate's bday (kala mo ano?!).. finally, i got to see where she lives..

btw, kate is tito jim's gf for 6 years.. grabeh!!! she lives @ betterliving, pque.. near yellow cab.. haha!

grabeh! todo bonding drinking session! we chilled @ their basement.. inuman & magic sing galore! t'was me, talitha, tito jim (syempre), kate (malamang), ruthie (kate's cuzin.. my friendster n sunster), july (tito jim's life long friend), gudo (tito jim's friend), thea (gudo's gf), ranier (kate's cuzin)..

after finishing the 1 liter of cuervo tequila, we proceeded with beer drinking session.. we finished 3 cases of sanmig light.. then on the final case of beer, 2 of ranier's friends came over.. ruth was so.. RAGBA!!! haha! laughtrip.. really!!! ha! ha! ha!

i was texting with my friend trish, so i asked them if they knew someone who i could set-up on a date with her.. luckily, ruthie knows someone.. well, i heard the guy's ok daw.. we'll just see.. haha!

btw, the food were all delicious!!! yummy!!! we went home around 4:30am.. haha!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Chillin' Adventure

i went out with talitha, kariz, bene & rozelle last thurday..chill lang.. we went to g4.. we were standing for 30mins in kalentong looking for a taxi.. but there wasn't any.. so we decided to just ride a tricycle going to.. no, we're not going to glorietta riding a trike.. what were you thinking?! haha. so we just went to san fe and waited for a cab there.. it's easier and faster there..

the usual chill (according to t2 jim, kate & cris).. then we ate @ hotshots.. then chill pa rin.. haha. since we have a cinderalla with us.. rozelle left us around 5pm coz her sundo is there already.. hehe.

so it was just the 4 of us.. la lang.. chill! chill! chill! we went to U (sihan?).. then as usual, starbucks..

then at around 7:30 bene told us that his drafting berks are in gamol and they're gonna have their usual group pic, but not without him!

even with a few bucks left (we're so poor!), we decided to go to gamol.. the guys gave him a time limit.. if bene's not there @ 8, they'll start already even without him.. so we hurriedly rode the mrt and @ exactly 8pm, we reached the ortigas station.. buzzer beaters! haha. then picture picture sila. then off we went home..

that's just it.. pero it was really an adventure coz we're almost flat broke.. super sakto ang pera. haha! ;P

Friday, May 13, 2005

Twenty Two?!

i just turned 16! haha.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

He Said, She Said..

He said: One night, someone noticed a star losing its usual bright glow and asked the star why.. Then it answered: "I've grown tired and weak shining for someone whose glance was never mine.."

She said: It hurts to fall for someone who made you fall in love then leaves you hanging and does not intend to catch you at all.. It's like loosing someone you never had..

do i need to elaborate? wag na.. malalaman mo rin.. hehe

sad noh?! ;P

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

C2 Iced Tea

i slept around 8am yesterday.. re-desiging my blog.. answering surveys (for friendster bulletin).. uploading pix.. making taj's calling card.. and playing astro pop pala.. haha! then cathy (gingersnaps) came over around 11:30am.. i slept @ the sofa again.. so when she arrived i was still sleeping.. but that's the reason why i chose to there, so that i could immediately wake up when cathy arrives.. besides, i let kayze slept in our bed with talitha coz their door was locked after we went to kalentong to buy lugaw around 4am.. haha!

Sunday, May 01, 2005


had a photoshoot with taj, kariz & janna this evening..

taj in her 2-piece swimsuits & portraits of her as a flag football player.. then janna & kariz in their swim wear.. as always, we had our photoshoot @ the famous wall inside the compound.. sa gilid! that's our so-called studio.. with lights and all.. quite tiring.. haven't started editing yet.. i'll post some of the wholesome pix after i'm done with the editing and stuff..

btw, i changed the design again.. i added yellow so it would compliment purple.. my favorite colors.. haha!

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