Thursday, May 26, 2005

Katherine BumbleBee

may22.. yeah right! haha

it was kate's bday (kala mo ano?!).. finally, i got to see where she lives..

btw, kate is tito jim's gf for 6 years.. grabeh!!! she lives @ betterliving, pque.. near yellow cab.. haha!

grabeh! todo bonding drinking session! we chilled @ their basement.. inuman & magic sing galore! t'was me, talitha, tito jim (syempre), kate (malamang), ruthie (kate's cuzin.. my friendster n sunster), july (tito jim's life long friend), gudo (tito jim's friend), thea (gudo's gf), ranier (kate's cuzin)..

after finishing the 1 liter of cuervo tequila, we proceeded with beer drinking session.. we finished 3 cases of sanmig light.. then on the final case of beer, 2 of ranier's friends came over.. ruth was so.. RAGBA!!! haha! laughtrip.. really!!! ha! ha! ha!

i was texting with my friend trish, so i asked them if they knew someone who i could set-up on a date with her.. luckily, ruthie knows someone.. well, i heard the guy's ok daw.. we'll just see.. haha!

btw, the food were all delicious!!! yummy!!! we went home around 4:30am.. haha!

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