Thursday, February 25, 2010

Music of His Right Hand's Notes

Kuya Joel Tangunan sis the voice behind the song I CAN (which was composed by my friend Armin Cruz).. Anyway, Kuya Joel needs our help so that he could continue using his God given talent in spite of being confined in a wheelchair..

Please READ this link from Kamalayang Kalayaan where Kuya Joel blogged about his story.. then let's help him.. It's alright if we can't help him in kind.. Sharing his story to you friends is a great help already.. So Read, Share, & Help.. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


everything has a reason..

of course i know that.. and God proved it once again.. though He don't really have to.. ;)

everything has a reason..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank you Lord!

Sabi ko, if i win the happiest pinoy, magpapa-inom ako ng gulaman.. at dapat lang.. I didn't get the grand prize, pero winner pa rin.. 90million filipinos nga daw.. 200 submitted their entries.. tapos nakasama ako sa top40.. tapos na-narrow down sa top 20.. then top 7 finalists.. at ako ang pinakabata among the finalists.. 26. The others were 90, 40, 30, 60 ata.. and mga professionals na & marami ng mga nagawa na to help our country.. humanitarian, etc. super ordinary citizen lang ako.. waaaaaah! abnormal lang.. basta yun na kahit simpleng mamamayan lang tayo, we can make a difference pa rin.. o diba? o bongga! haha. inuman na! ng gulaman.. hahahaha. ;P

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Last night was the awards night for the 'Search for Happiest Pinoy'

I didn't get the grand prize.. Maybe Mr. Winston Maximo needs the money more than I do or any of the other finalists does.. It's ok, I can raise the funds for my upcoming spine surgery (to remove the tumors on my spinal cord) and be able to walk again.. God will provide. :) and according to my mom: "almost perfect 10 for kcat in 2010!" yey!

Being part of the top 7 finalists is really a GREAT blessing! 218 entries were submitted.. I was part of the top 40.. Then top 20.. And then top 7 finalist.. and I was the youngest.. or the most in-experience in terms of public service.. I am just who I am. I AM KCAT!

Monday, February 15, 2010

on Wednesday..

we received this email few weeks ago, after the final judging last January 26..

then we got the hard copy of the invitation after a few days..

and then i saw this on the official site of Search for Happiest Pinoy:

btw, here's the criteria:
The search aims to find the happiest Pinoy who has: optimistic outlook in life
2.a cheerful disposition
3.a proven ability to rise above life's challenges
4.a positive impact in the lives of others

so, should I win? I hope so.. :)

btw, There'll be an article about me at Business Mirror on Feb 18. They featured one finalist each day since Thursday last week, and I'm the last person to be featured since it's in alphabetical order.. ;P
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