Thursday, July 31, 2008

Buy Caps Save Life

I asked u to buy a shirt..
I asked you to buy a teddy bear..
Now I'm asking you to buy a hat/cap..

One of my contacts from multiply posted a link stating: "BUY CAPS SAVE LIFE"

Anna Marie Infante of Laguna needs immediate kidney transplant and she's raising funds by selling hats for less than a hundred pesos each..

Check out her site: and let's buy her caps so that we could save her life..

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pls spread..hopefully it'll end up in the inbox of som1 who knows her

I got this from:

Yes we can make a difference.. Pass this on..

Forwarded Message:

Just a favor that would not cost u anything… Please send this to everybody u know. These pictures were given to me by a concerned colleague. This Filipina has been in Rashid Hospital (Dubai) for almost a year now. She did not have any identifying documents when she was rushed to the hospital. Now, this is her current picture taken at the hospital. If you would care to know, she could not talk yet. Her accident may have harmed her locomotors.

A few days ago, something came up. She was identified as Baikan Musa. Just a hunch, this girl may be from the southern part of the Philippines. Guys, please try to pass this around that it may eventually end up in the inbox of someone who personally knows this girl. Hopefully we could make a difference in her fate.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Now Showing

I AM KCAT: My Story far
this is the AVP I made for my so-called speech..

Pray tayo

Please pray for my friends will be taking the PT (Physical Therapy) board exams this weekend.. I'm so glad to be one of their patients during their intern at POC (Philippine Orthopedic Center).. Eventhough I've only have them as a therapists for a month, that's already enough to start a great new friendship with them.. And we continue communicating and being friends up to now.. May first question every time I'll have a new PT intern assigned to me is "May friendster ka? Add mo ko" Haha! Then chika chika.. I'm so grateful that I could read their lips naman.. Our resting always become chikahan time.. Sometimes, my physical therapy session lasts for 2hours.. Just because of the daldalan a.k.a. resting time.. Haha! Things like these makes my 'being sick' more positive.. I remember one of my pt friend and textmate Jen told me before: "sana di ka nalang nagkasakit".. I told her "kung di ako nagkasakit, di tayo nagkakilala" and I'm glad.. I'm not happy that I'm sick but I'm super glad with all the things that's happening because I'm sick.. Daming blessings!

Ayun nga, let's pray for my PT friends and their friends as well and all those who'll take the board exams today.. Thanks!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

4D: Defeating Deafness and Disabling Disability


Here are the pics:
4D: Defeating Deafness and Disabling Disability

He's home. Safe.

Yey! The abducted boy Matthew was found already and is reunited with his family! God is great! Prayers move mountain talaga!

News from abs-cbn:

from gma naman:

Both dapat para fair.. Walang network war.. Haha! It gave me goosebumps watching the video.. Ang galing ni Lord!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I've been busy these past few week preparing for my so-called speech for Disability Week.. I made an AVP so that I don't have to explain my story.. Tapos yung point kagad! Defeating Deafness daw eh.. Wala ng ek-ek na di related.. So, kwento lang.. Though magulo ata ako magsalita.. Haha! I kept on pausing eh kasi number 1 have phlegm.. i felt like coughing pero or parang mapapaos ako bigla.. number 2, coz I keep on hearing myself.. nadidistruct ako sa sarili ko! haha! and number 3, it always cross my mind: "do they understand my voice?" hehe!

after my speech, I asked my mom:
tacK: "naintindihan niyo ba boses ko?"
mami: "oo, tumatawa naman sila"

They Miss Him!

I saw a number of blogs post this link as well.. We could also help if we post about this to our blogs too..


Name: Matthew" Chu-chu" David Samudio
Age: 3 Years Old, Can barely speak straight.
Address: 16 guyabano st umali rd. summitville subdivision putatan muntinlupa city 1770

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I always check my new messages on my phone(s) once I open my eyes in the morning.. Then I received a text message from my friend Jenny:

"Hi tack! Pls pray for my dad, he suffered multiple stroke wednesday. He was in the ICU but he was already transferred to a regular room. Pls pray for him. Thanks!"

Let's pray for Jenny's dad ah! Thank you!

photo from:

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Headline.. Front Page pala

I was interviewed by Ms. Congee Gomez last March (or February? or April? basta months ago).. So, I thought wala na.. Then this morning I woke up to urinate.. I usually go back to sleep after i'm done.. When I was about to close my eyes, my mom approach me and told me that I'm on the newspaper.. I still kinda sleepy so I just said "OK".. Finally, it registered to me: I'm on the newspaper. I have to tell everyone.. Haha! I hurriedly grabbed my cellphone to text all my friends about it.. After sending everyone the text message, that's the only time I got to read it.. Totchal! Front Page.. Feeling Headline.. Haha!

Read the artile here.

Thank you Ms. Congee Gomez and Tita Fides Mendoza

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Speech daw

Ehemmm.. Ehemm..

Ladies & Gentlemen.. Nyek!
Bahala na si batman!
Ano kaya pwedeng sabihin?

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Good Morning!

read today's news.. july 14.. buy philippine daily inquirer.. i'm featured there today.. front page.. :D thanks!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I received a very very very sad news today:

(click to enlarge)

hayyy! Let's pray for Serena's soul, and especially her family..

Sleep Peacefully Serena

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Email from Taj

i received this email from my cousin, Taj:

Hi Everyone,
I hope you don't mind. Just posting for a friend. Please pass around. Thank you.




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