Monday, July 14, 2008

Headline.. Front Page pala

I was interviewed by Ms. Congee Gomez last March (or February? or April? basta months ago).. So, I thought wala na.. Then this morning I woke up to urinate.. I usually go back to sleep after i'm done.. When I was about to close my eyes, my mom approach me and told me that I'm on the newspaper.. I still kinda sleepy so I just said "OK".. Finally, it registered to me: I'm on the newspaper. I have to tell everyone.. Haha! I hurriedly grabbed my cellphone to text all my friends about it.. After sending everyone the text message, that's the only time I got to read it.. Totchal! Front Page.. Feeling Headline.. Haha!

Read the artile here.

Thank you Ms. Congee Gomez and Tita Fides Mendoza

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  1. i read the article kanina, i was so touched! i hope you keep on fighting! good that you are so positive through all the problems your family is going through. May God bless you always!

    Are you catholic? maybe you can drop by my blog:

    i just wrote an entry about St. Pio' chapel in libis. it is said to be very miraculous. maybe your whole family can drop by.

    i will pray for you and your family.

  2. Of course you deserved such,,,kakaiba ka touch everyone's heart including mine...I love yah! *mwah*

  3. thanks karen & mommycool! :)

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  5. Hi Kat, I already added your two blogs here. Where can I find my link? Please leave a message in my blog once you have added me, so I can check it here. Thanks.


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