Monday, April 30, 2012

Cinderella's Birthday Wish..

Thank you so much Ms. Josephine Litonjua & Isshin Dream Publishing!

Here is a copy of my speech w/v my mom read during the event on April 28, 2012 at Malen's - Noveleta, Cavite..

"Good evening everyone! Thank you. Thank you Isshin Dream Publishing and the very determined Ms. Josephine Litonjua for organizing this event, thank you Malen's Restaurant for accommodating us and most especially, thank you everyone for coming and making Ms. Jho's birthday wish come true – and mine too.

13 days to go...

MAY Birthday Project 2012 on Facebook.

KCAT CAN: Sisters

by Maria Kahrina Lopez Yarza 
April 30, 2012

A sister is a best friend who will never desert you, no matter how often you sneak out wearing her prized dress or snarl up her precious make-up. No matter how many times we may fight and argue, our sisters will always be our friend. My sister, Talitha, and I have a good relationship as sisters and as friends.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Birthday Wish: A wish within a wish.

When Kcat Yarza's birthday wish became Jho Litonjua's own birthday wish...

A fund-raising event for the gift-giving at the Philippine General Hospital - 2 Pedia Wards, Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery, Pedia ICU, and hopefully both Pedia cancer ward and Ward 10 too (if the budget permits).

KCAT CAN: The Cinderella who loves to read

The Cinderella who loves to read
by Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza 
April 16, 2012

Cinderella was one of the first Disney movies that I watched as a kid. I have loved it since then. Even now that I am not able to hear the sweet and alluring voice of Cinderella anymore, I know it by heart.

I met Josephine Litonjua through a common friend, and we have been in constant communication ever since, talking about anything and everything. Yet it was only through her blog write-up on Junying Kirk, a Chinese-British author that I learned about Josephine’s interesting life, which is quite similar to that of my favorite Cinderella tale.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

KCAT CAN: Compassion

Aside from being responsible for ourselves, we also have a responsibility towards others, bearing each other’s burdens, offering prayers of hope, strength, and faith to the needy…

by Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza 
April 2, 2012

I feel sad whenever I see sick children. In many ways, I feel thankful because even though I am sick and weak right now, I was able to enjoy my childhood, and I was given the chance to live a normal life until I turned 22.
I feel sad because those sick kids have no idea how fun it is to have a childhood that is ‘normal’ according to how society defines it.
I could have been in their situation and I owe it to these children that I am able to count my blessings. The sight of them humbles me and stirs up the compassion within me.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Bipolar March

Recap! Recap! March hasn't been as eventful as the previous months though. But  that's better than nothing and being bored to death ;)

Started the month w/ a morning walk and exercise with teacher michelle (my longest closest bestest friend along w/ ysiad)

March 7
Happy Birthday my dawter Kariz! Mommy ♥s you..

March 9
Went to Megamall w/ Janna MOMO & Maro while my mom's having her diamond peel at Medical Plaza(?) and since Janna is such a MOMO, we headed to Bo's Coffee where Ms. Talitha & Ms. Donna were both studying for their exams, quiz bee, etc. etc. The ending: we ate dinner at Amici. -_-

March 10
Kinect-xercise & Dance showdown (the repeat) w/ the GYA Peeps
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