Thursday, June 23, 2005

i was darth vader..

It's been a week since I got home from the hospital (SRS at St. Lukes). Guess what?! I'm now 85% tumor free.. on my brain, that is. Finally! It's over and done. But for me, that wasn't a very nice experience. I prefer the open-brain surgery more coz I just need to sleep through the surgery and then wake up. But with the stereotactic radiosurgery.. ugh! It really gave me sooo much pain! As in pain!!!

I was admitted June 14, Tuesday — and the pain started there. ...the pain of waiting + headache. It was a record breaking wait, ang tagaaaaal! We were already at the admission's office by 10am and due to the system upgrade something, after 9 hours of waiting, I was finally admitted at 7pm!!! While we were waiting, my head suddenly had its usual heaviness and had double-vision. My scheduled MRI was supposed to be at 5pm, but since I still have no room yet, it was rescheduled to 9 pm. My friends dropped by but I was still having my MRI, but they still waited for me to finish at 11 pm. Awww..

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Things & Stuff

i was excited coz finally my tumor would be extracted after how many months.. but! a big BUT.. the SRS machine got busted! they need to fix it up and make sure it's 100% OK! so, again.. i'm waiting!!! haaayy..

it's been quite sometime since i blogged.. i've been blogging in my other account (ssshhh..!), my sentiMENTAL side.. haha! newei, may 13 was on friday.. friday the 13th baby! and it was the 3rd time since i was born.. yey! that's a not-so-badluck day for me.. hello?! it's my birthday! haha. i then realized.. whew!i got lots of friends.. haha. it was like a fiesta.. i got friends here, there, everywhere.. even at those who were weren't able to came.. hehe. luckily, there's enough foods for everyone.. drinks were fine.. not flowing but just fine.. it rained but it was more like a shower of blessing.. just light rain & it immediately stopped.. a lot of my friends were drunk.. haha! it was fun! fun! fun! another year.. twenty two! i'm not getting any younger! feeling young lang.. haha.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hello Again!

the surgery was re-scheduled.. the machine hass currently malfunctioned! argh! i was excited pa naman.. hehe.
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