Sunday, June 05, 2005

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i was excited coz finally my tumor would be extracted after how many months.. but! a big BUT.. the SRS machine got busted! they need to fix it up and make sure it's 100% OK! so, again.. i'm waiting!!! haaayy..

it's been quite sometime since i blogged.. i've been blogging in my other account (ssshhh..!), my sentiMENTAL side.. haha! newei, may 13 was on friday.. friday the 13th baby! and it was the 3rd time since i was born.. yey! that's a not-so-badluck day for me.. hello?! it's my birthday! haha. i then realized.. whew!i got lots of friends.. haha. it was like a fiesta.. i got friends here, there, everywhere.. even at those who were weren't able to came.. hehe. luckily, there's enough foods for everyone.. drinks were fine.. not flowing but just fine.. it rained but it was more like a shower of blessing.. just light rain & it immediately stopped.. a lot of my friends were drunk.. haha! it was fun! fun! fun! another year.. twenty two! i'm not getting any younger! feeling young lang.. haha.

last may 28.. trish, cathy, lheeyah & i went to nasugbu, batangas.. @ punta fuego for am impromptu summer getaway.. (just before summer officially ends) though it rained there.. let's say.. umm.. storm?! haha. but it was fun though.. lots of chaka! chuvaness.. and chenilyn bumblebee! haha.

i just hope.. i could have my radiosurgery next week.. i've been waiting so long already.. and i'm ready!!!! so ready..

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