Friday, November 24, 2006


i'm not sick.. i'm just taking a rest..

i'm not deaf.. i just don't wanna hear the noise of the world..

not that i can't walk.. i'm just too tired of using my feet..

not that i couldn't use my left arm and hand.. i just wanna use my right..

not that i can't smile.. i just don't wanna show how happy i am..

sorry.. but i don't feel sorry for myself.. hehe.

yabang eh noh? hehe.

i'm not in denial.. i'm just living my life.. haha!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2nd floor

i saved it already as a movie file.. but no one has to transfer it in a cd since the pc with the cd burner is upstairs.. upstairs! but i'm downstairs!!!

upstairs.. it's been more than a year since i set foot upstairs.. last time i saw how upstairs look like was october 25, 2005.. before i was brought to the hospital.. dati nga i was taong taas.. i'm always upstairs.. i seldom use this pc sa baba.. tapos when i kinda lost my balance.. i would go down nalang whenever i need to go to the cr to take a bath.. ginagamit ko lang yung cr sa taas just for peeing.. ay, i take a bath din pala don minsan.. tapos the food was always being brought to me.. para i won't go down na.. i was having a hard time kasi to use the stairs.. lagi ako nao-off balance.. i might fall.. kaya yon.. sa taas lang ako.. when i had my thesis din pala.. taong taas din ako.. i can't leave what i was doing eh.. kaya most of the time i'm infront of the pc.. upstairs.. basta talagang i'm always upstairs lang whenever i'm at home..

now, i don't even know how it looks like.. balita ko, magulo pa din siya.. hehe.

i wonder, when will i get the chance to see the view upstairs? drama mo! hehe.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Standing on my own

i have a surprise for u..


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Walk.. Walk.. Walk..

i was inside the pt room.. while my left leg and arm has muscle stimulator on it.. i can't help but look around.. observing others.. while their having their therapy session too.. people with canes, walker and 'saklay' are everywhere.. not to forget the people on their 'wheels'.. of course, that includes me..
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