Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Walk.. Walk.. Walk..

i was inside the pt room.. while my left leg and arm has muscle stimulator on it.. i can't help but look around.. observing others.. while their having their therapy session too.. people with canes, walker and 'saklay' are everywhere.. not to forget the people on their 'wheels'.. of course, that includes me..

these has been my scenery (ba ititch?) every tuesday and thursday.. since i have my ot,pt & acupuncture at phil. orthopedic center..

i would see people without leg/s.. people in their old age.. basta talagang disabled.. eh i'm able naman.. hehe. so, why am i on a wheelchair? nde pwede ititch!

whenever i see a person using a walker or a cane or having a hard time walking.. i would think.. "at least he/she can walk.."

and soon i can.. and i will.. i might not be 100% walking straight but at least i'll be walking.. and i'm positively sure about it.. kaya nga i'm so motivated in my therapies eh.. i need to be cooperative kasi they'll teach me how to stand and walk on my own.. tapos pwede na kong kumanta ng "on my own.." haha.

btw, i can't hear din pala noh.. i forgot about it na naman.. kala ko kasi minsan i can hear eh.. i read lips lang pala.. hehe. sometimes i even read those actors and actresses lips nga eh.. kaya nalalaman ko tuloy.. na corny! haha. naka-kuha pa nga ako minsan ng chismis eh.. hehe.

i could read lips.. but you won't be able to read mine.. ;P

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