Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2nd floor

i saved it already as a movie file.. but no one has to transfer it in a cd since the pc with the cd burner is upstairs.. upstairs! but i'm downstairs!!!

upstairs.. it's been more than a year since i set foot upstairs.. last time i saw how upstairs look like was october 25, 2005.. before i was brought to the hospital.. dati nga i was taong taas.. i'm always upstairs.. i seldom use this pc sa baba.. tapos when i kinda lost my balance.. i would go down nalang whenever i need to go to the cr to take a bath.. ginagamit ko lang yung cr sa taas just for peeing.. ay, i take a bath din pala don minsan.. tapos the food was always being brought to me.. para i won't go down na.. i was having a hard time kasi to use the stairs.. lagi ako nao-off balance.. i might fall.. kaya yon.. sa taas lang ako.. when i had my thesis din pala.. taong taas din ako.. i can't leave what i was doing eh.. kaya most of the time i'm infront of the pc.. upstairs.. basta talagang i'm always upstairs lang whenever i'm at home..

now, i don't even know how it looks like.. balita ko, magulo pa din siya.. hehe.

i wonder, when will i get the chance to see the view upstairs? drama mo! hehe.

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