Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Morning!

read today's news.. july 14.. buy philippine daily inquirer.. i'm featured there today.. front page.. :D thanks!


  1. Thanks sa mga uplifting msgs mo ha... :) I've read na the featured item about you...since i cannot do some snagging, baka ako mareprimand ni gomez or ng PDI...may post ako about you mo...from da heart yun ha... :)

  2. Hi Kcat!

    I was able to read the Inquirer article (14 July) I planned to drop by here to.. um.. check on you (and your blog) but I had been busy migrating my old blog ( to its new home (

    Nangangamusta lang. Great article there. :)

  3. @patrick: thanks! Godbless! :)


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