Wednesday, February 24, 2010


everything has a reason..

of course i know that.. and God proved it once again.. though He don't really have to.. ;)

everything has a reason..

My mom nominated me on CLIC Search for Happiest Pinoy because she thinks that I met the criteria which is:
The search aims to find the happiest Pinoy who has: optimistic outlook in life
2.a cheerful disposition
3.a proven ability to rise above life's challenges
4.a positive impact in the lives of others
and because the grand prize is P200,000.00.. The money is for my spine surgery. The money may not be enough but at least I'm 200K closer to getting that surgery.. but but but it seems like I don't need that spine surgery after all.. We went for a check-up with my neurosurgeon yesterday then we told him all my improvements ever since.. And he told us that I already had a lot of improvements and he don't think that a tumor in the spine is causing my weakness right now.. because if so I won't be able to move totally.. I have yet to undergo a hi-res CT Scan of my lower brain.. I hope & wish & pray it will already be detected there & there.. but my head needs to be stable first having a CT Scan.. I kept on having seizure attack lately.. Waaaah!

everything has a reason..

I don't only want to win the grand prize (for the recently concluded happiest pinoy) because of the money.. I want more people to visit my site & blog.. Not to just read about me so that I could be famous or for the google pagerank.. I can't even get my google adsense to work.. I think it's disabled.. Waaah! But I think because everyone has a story.. And I have a story to SHARE.. And I want to share mine to everyone.. :) Why? I'm not really sure.. Trip ko lang.. Haha!

everything has a reason..

I don't have to win the grand prize to be able to share my story.. Being in the top 7 finalists is a great honor.. As in. SUPER! Do I need to repeat it? Ang astig lang.. Haha. Di lang rubbing elbows with great people, kasi ka-table ko pa sila.. Hahaha! Plus there was an article about me the next day, tumaas ang page visits ng blog ko at dumami ang nag-google ng 'kcat yarza' or 'kathrina yarza', etc haha. thanks to google analytics & statcounter, I got to monitor it.. 292 visits in 1 week. wahahaha! ;P But that's not the point.. Tumatagal naman sila to read my blog posts.. total average time is 1 hour. o diba bongga! or baka nakalimutan lang nilang i-close ang browser.. wahahaha! ;P But my real point is, they (or should say you.. hihi) get to see or have a glimpse of the beauty of life.. You can't really see it here at my site/blog, but you'll realize something in a way.. Ewan, ano ba 'tong pinagsasabi ko! Nag-lecture na.. Teacher? Haha. Basta life is beautiful no matter what. Period No erase!

everything that happened has a reason..
everything that didn't happened has a reason..
everything that's happening has a reason..
everything that will happen has a reason..

everything has a reason..

Maybe God didn't let me have the grand prize because He knows I won't be needing it.. Maybe Mr. Winston needs it more because he is sick as well..

basta I can see a lot of (great) reasons..

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