Saturday, May 21, 2005

Chillin' Adventure

i went out with talitha, kariz, bene & rozelle last thurday..chill lang.. we went to g4.. we were standing for 30mins in kalentong looking for a taxi.. but there wasn't any.. so we decided to just ride a tricycle going to.. no, we're not going to glorietta riding a trike.. what were you thinking?! haha. so we just went to san fe and waited for a cab there.. it's easier and faster there..

the usual chill (according to t2 jim, kate & cris).. then we ate @ hotshots.. then chill pa rin.. haha. since we have a cinderalla with us.. rozelle left us around 5pm coz her sundo is there already.. hehe.

so it was just the 4 of us.. la lang.. chill! chill! chill! we went to U (sihan?).. then as usual, starbucks..

then at around 7:30 bene told us that his drafting berks are in gamol and they're gonna have their usual group pic, but not without him!

even with a few bucks left (we're so poor!), we decided to go to gamol.. the guys gave him a time limit.. if bene's not there @ 8, they'll start already even without him.. so we hurriedly rode the mrt and @ exactly 8pm, we reached the ortigas station.. buzzer beaters! haha. then picture picture sila. then off we went home..

that's just it.. pero it was really an adventure coz we're almost flat broke.. super sakto ang pera. haha! ;P

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