Tuesday, October 11, 2005


ganon pala yon?!

there are things you're unconscious of doing.. as in you have no idea of a single thing you've done..

i was really in pain last friday.. my head hurts really, really, really bad! as in my whole head.. nakakabaliw! as in! actually, my head was hurting for weeks already but the worse scenario was last friday! i vomitted whatever food i would eat.. i really got no balance.. my eyes and nose hurts.. plus the side of my head.. the back.. and there's like a space between my skull and brain.. super sakit talaga! i was screaming.. crying.. and even poking my head.. and i feel so deaf.. as in i can't remember hearing people's voices.. even my own voice..

we were supposed to go to my doctor around 3pm and i was scheduled to have a ct scan the brain.. but i really couldn't get up.. my head really hurts so much and i can't move anymore.. so i just refused, lie down, cried, screamed and tried to sleep.. i was supposed to eat pancit malabon (michelle was trying to feed me) but i can't and just vomited instead..

all the while, i thought i was still in the house.. until i woke up in the morning.. it's a familiar place.. aha, pgh. i didn't know i was rushed to the hospital.. as in i really have no idea how i got there until my mom told me..

grabeh! i really really didn't know the things i've done..they told me that i was having delirium.. i was shouting.. and screaming.. then, 6 guys carried me going to the car.. exaj 6 talaga! while i was having a ct scan, celina, talitha and my dad were holding me coz nagwawala daw ako! i needed to be scanned to check my brain coz i might have hydrocephalus..

then when i was brought to the e.r. i was having a concert.. screaming & shouting non-stop.. i was even tied on the stretcher coz ang likot likot ko! i was screaming "please.. please" o dba, magalang pa?! haha! para akong baliw.. i got a couple of bruises from it it and i was really trying to get off the tie on my arms.. i even took off and pulled the dextrose a couple of times.. i really gave everyone a hard time.. grabeh!

i can't remember anything that happened.. because of so much pain.. i wasn't able to control myself anymore.. my mom just relayed everything to me the next day.. thankfully, naagapan coz if not, hydrocephalus ang bagsak.. or worst.. comatose. exaj noh?! pero ang galing talaga.. ganon pala yon.. i was really unconscious.. pero ayoko na noh! nakaka-trauma yung pain! as in.. sooooo painful talaga! hay!

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