Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's Me! Ako! Ako! Ako!

Why me?

That's what people often ask. So, why me nga? Sa totoo lang, I never questioned God about my sickness and the things I've been going through. Never. Promise, I've come to accept it from the time I got my MRI result and confirmed it with my doctor that I have brain tumor; multiple brain tumors. I was even proud of having all those tumors.. Showing my MRI plates to everyone.. Cheerfully pointing the tumors on the plates. Baliw lang.. Haha. Eh, why should I be sad ba? It's there na eh.. So, I was just sharing the news. Not-so-good news na nga magpapaka-bad vibes pa ko.. Ayoko nga!

So, why me?

Actually, I never really thought about it until now.. As in now na! Wait, isipin ko pa.. Hehe. Syempre, the optimist that I am, I found positive reasons na naman.. God won't allow anything that's happening (or happened or will happen) if there's no GOOD reason for it. I used to tell my friends & love ones na it's better that it happened to me and not to you. Ako nalang.. I could handle it naman.. That's why it's me. Kasi kaya ko naman.. Besides, there are good things that's happening naman despite all these hardships. Yup, it's hard talaga, but I can manage.. Yabang! Hehe. Eh, it's like this eh.. So be it! I still feel blessed despite the odds. Really really blessed! So, don't pity me ha.. Let's just pinpoint life as the reason for all this.

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