Sunday, May 28, 2006


its really painless! mabigat lang pag tinutusok but after that, you won't be feeling it's there pala.

i'm having acupuncture sessions at orthopedic m-w-f, dati it was everyday kaya its too exhausting to go there in q.c. kaya thrice a week nalang.

i used to have my therapy sessions at pgh kaya lang nothing happened. there were improvements naman kahit pano. thankfully, God lead us to dra. garcia thru lola nene (dra. altre). ayun, im having acupuncture sessions with her and i'm feeling stronger already. yey! when im really stronger already, they'll teach me how to walk na. lakwatsa na naman! hehe.

so far, i can already move my left leg na, hirap lang talaga maglakad but i'll work on that.

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