Saturday, April 19, 2008

Give me a gift on my birthday!

my birthday's coming on MAY 13! woohoo!

the cochlear implant is on my wishlist for christmas.. and i got it! yey!

so now, i'll make another wishlist for my birthday..

relax, it not to luxurious.. here it is:
- tissue
- cotton
- alcohol
- soap
- diapers
- and other toiletries that are used during hospitalizations..
- NEW toys

no i'm not going to be admitted in the hospital again..

but i'll go to pgh and celebrate my birthday there..

i call it MAY Birthday Project
(parang reality show lang.. hahaha!)
kasi once upon a time.. my fam went to tagaytay.. while on the road bigla nlng may idea ako.. sabi ko.. "sa hospital nlng ako mag-birthday..." syempre todo explain.. ;P no, i don't wanna be confined again noh.. wag! yoko na!!! it won't really be a party na party tlga.. i'll just give out foods, toys, and kung ano man.. wish granted!

para "i feel for u" ang drama...i chose neuro ward kasi i wanna let them know na ako din nga one of them.. na kahit sick eh ok nman.. (baliw lng tlga! hehe) life must go on tlga.. though they may not be fully well, the world still wants them.. (u like me dba?) even though i'm deaf, i can't walk, my eye is super blurry, parang paralyze yung left body ko & i can't smile.. i'm smiling pa din deep inside.. hehe.

i'll be hearing na din (super hopefully) by then coz the CI will be activated on may 16 and i'll be holding the said event on may 17 (maro's birthday) since it's a saturday..

so, pengeng regalo!!!

tell ur friends about this din ah..

thanks! thanks!

btw, here's an avp of last year's May Birthday Project


deadline of submission is on may15.. haha! may ganon? parang raffle lang.. :P syempre we'll pack it pa.. ;)

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  1. diwatang_byaningApril 21, 2008 5:02 AM

    you really are an inspiration!

  2. @diwata_bayaning: thanks! thanks! super fun yan.. :)


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