Thursday, April 17, 2008


my nff (new found friend) ida asked me to share my story of faith.. so i'm sharing my step of faith.. i hope it'll touch u in any way..


when i knew i was sick and got brain tumors back in august2004, i accepted it right away..

days before my open(-close) brain-surgery in january2005, my friends and family keep on asking me: "aren't you scared?" i replied: "NO!"

after being screwed in the head (literally) before my radiosugery in june2005, i kept on posing for the camera while lying on the stretcher, i was smiling still..

during my 2-month hospital stay (november-december 2005), my doctors said, i need to have a vp shunt surgery to drain the water from my head, i said: "ok."

still with my 2-month hospital stay, i was suppose to undergo another surgery because there's water in my lungs and it has to be drained, i was already being prepared in the operating room, then the doctor said: "ok na" then i was wheeled back to my room..

holyweek2005 is so memorable to me because it is one of the biggest struggle i encountered.. it's like an ANGEL vs DEVIL scenario.. but i hold on to my FAITH

my faith has become bigger and bigger..
my faith will make me hear (real soon! woohoo)
and my faith will make me get better..
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