Saturday, June 20, 2009



She is Cheska Alterman, 13 years old. She was diagnosed with NF1 5 months ago.. We me her and her mom, Tita Barbara at POC (Phil Orthopedic Center) last Monday. She is on a wheelchair right now because she recently had a nuerofibroma (tumor) operation underneath her thigh and she's having her rehab (PT) at POC..

When Tita Barbara saw us passed by them on the waiting area, she approached us and asked if we're the ones in Probe. She was so happy because she really wants to meet someone with the same sickness as her daughter.. She even hugged me & my mom..

I also have another NF-NF-F from Cebu.. She emailed me with her video showing her NF lumps.. She said it's been so long since she was searching for a friend with the same condition as her.. She wants to vent out the things she can't say to her family.. I said, I'll listen (though not literally.. haha). :)

I really want to push through with the NF Support Group.. Sana. Sana. Lord, please. ;)


  1. How nice!
    sana pala magpa autograph ako sayo ;)

  2. hahaha. maganda ang sulat ko, pang kinder.. ay nag-improve na pala, pang grade1 na.. haha! sige next time kuya sandi bigyan kita ng autograph.. haha. joke. feeling.. ;P

  3. haha.. okey lang, kahit ba parang kinahig ng manok yan eh ;)

    God bless..


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