Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Can Can

during my physical therapy, while was resting after my therapists (super friendly sila.. kaya lang last day na nila on friday) made me so tired (super burn ng fats. haha), i was put in the hotseat in front of the big mirror (dba there's a mirror infront of walking ek-ek sa mga pt gym? ayun.) . hehe. chikahan.. chismis.. sharing.. i think they we're inspired with my famous (feeling!) I CAN.. they asked me what do i mean when i said : i can't do ALOT of things but that doesn't stop me from doing the things I CAN.. la lang.. i just wanna blogged about it.. naisip ko kasing mabuti eh.. ;P

i can't hear.. i CAN read lips!

i can't walk..
i CAN walk with help! (thanks to my therapies!)

i can't move my arms..
i CAN make it move a little with full force!

i can't swallow well.. i CAN eat well! (takaw!)

i can't write..
i CAN type it on the computer! (or text.. globe or sun?)

i can't stand alone..
i CAN stand as long as i have something to hold on to!

i can't smile..
i CAN make people smile!

i can't spit..
i CAN blow!
(happy birthday!)

i can't see well..
i CAN see clearer with my eye glasses on!

i can't use my left hand..
i CAN use my right! (eh i'm left handed kaya i can't be able to draw & paint.. but i CAN use computer programs like photoshop, etc.)

ang dami pa! i just summarized it.. hehe. it may seem talaga na there are a lot of CAN'Ts but there are much much more CAN..

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