Saturday, August 18, 2007


wish. wish. wish. wish list here, there, and everywhere.. i never really had a wish list that i'm really eager to have.. maybe just a food i'm craving for, or a simple thing that i like.. not really a BIG wish list.. until i've read about ABI...

ABI isn't a name of a person, it's Auditory Brainstem Implant..

btw, here's the story..

once upon a time.. joke! game..

one night (it's already midnight) my mom ask me to research on my tinnitus and vertigo.. how it affects my balance.. because i kinda envy those patient in POC who are finding it hard to walk.. but they can walk.. they have their balance.. and i don't.. so i've read some articles which can treat vertigo through medication and some excercises.. i didn't stop researching there.. until i came to read something about cochlea.. but it isn't really appropriate for NF2 patients like me.. dr. lopez (my neuro-surgeon) told us that before.. and dr. lago (my ENT) too.. but they told us to pray.. miracles do happen.. and here it is! ABI! when i learned that ABI was made for deaf NF2 patients, i was so so so happy.. i could jump if i can.. i would have 'tears of joy' if only i had tears.. eh wala eh.. so happy nalang.. besides, i don't really cry na.. coz the last time i did it's all grasping for air.. until i was hyperventilating already.. it's so hard to breathe.. tsk. from then on, i said to myself, i won't cry anymore coz it will be just too hard for me diba? i'll just cry again when i already got tears.. hehe. ayun.. back to the real story.. the ABI.. ayun nga.. i was so happy! i really got interested.. i was online until was approved by the FDA in 2000 and i found out that ABI was 1st done here in the phils. last november 2006.. my doctor confirmed it when my mom asked him about it.. he said it was done there in PGH by his colleague and a german doctor.. but he's not sure of the outcome.. we'll have to research on it.. we will.. my doctor said it's up to us if we want that.. and i want it so bad! i want it! my mom and me are really interested with the ABI, we continuously search about it.. there's a better device na pala! the PABI.. Penetrating Electrode Auditory Brainstem Implant.. then my mom got this article.. grabeh! i'm super envious when she said she could already hear the honking of cars, closing of doors, etc.. ang sarap naman.. she could also distinguish men's and women's voices.. eh gay kaya? hehehe. basta masaya yon.. but we don't really share the same sentiments when she said : “It’s very, very lonely to be deaf-very quiet, no stimulation from the outside," i was like, ah, it's sad pala.. ;P maybe it is.. if you'll think about it.. but i don't.. i'm just don't get affected with what i can't do, instead, i concentrate on what i can that i wanna do.. and it's a lot.. ang yabang ko lang.. hehe. ABI or PABI.. whatever.. as long as i could be able to hear you.. ;P frankly, i want it done in the US.. at the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles.. coz they've done a lot of ABI and all the patients had a positive outcome.. quality of life.. hayyy! but, but, but.. it really costs a lot! as in a lot! the device alone cost 1M.. kaching! kaching! (batching? hehe) where the hell are we gonna get that much?we'll really raise funds.. basta.. bahala na.. "nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.." diba? let's just hope and pray.. pero syempre dapat may action din diba?

anyway, my mom saw this in one of the articles about the PABI in HEI website:

Research will proceed from there, with more clinical trials to come before the device might ultimately get FDA approval, said Dr. Brackmannn. According to House Ear staff, the institute and colleagues at HMRI and Cochlear Corp./Cochlear Ltd. are seeking FDA approval to recruit another 25 PABI patients for an expanded clinical trial in the next year.

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