Friday, February 01, 2008

You're so kind.. Thank you!

i love checking my statcounter ever since.. i normally get 5 - 10 visitors a day though.. i enjoy the keywoard analysis alot coz a lot of weird keywords are being searched.. haha! i wonder sometimes why those search engines directs them to me..

when i started the hEAR campaign my visitors increase from 10 to20 a day.. even 30..

and then came News Central, Probe, & Y-Speak.. aba! aba! ang dami..

my keyword analysis are mostly: kcat, hear, t-shirt, kathrina yarza, kcat probe, kcat y-speak, kcat news central, kcat nf2 blog, and so on.. though just recently a lot of people are searching for fr. suarez and google directs them to my blog.. hehe.

a lot of people are searching for me.. nice huh? ang galing!

but the best part is the 'Came From' tab.. grabeh! i was super duper touched.. wow a lot of people are spreading the word and helping me.. it's so amazing!

here are some of the links i discovered:
The Banker's Council
Pinoy Ambisyoso
Volley On!
Pedestrian Observer
Medicine & Drugstore
Jolly Javeloza
MommyCool 1
MommyCool 2
MommyCool 3
Trisiane 1
Trisiane 2
Black Box #09
Alexandar Charles Part1
Alexander Charles Part2
Dream at Work
Diwatang Bayani
My World
Puting Tikbalang
Bon Cedrick
Val Palaez
The Blaire Bitch Project
Untwisted Vortex
Ang Sa Wari Ko
Yahoo Answers (may ganito? :P)
ang galing noh? sensya na if ur site isn't included here.. i can't recover the other links anymore eh.. and to those who linked me in their sites.. basta thanks! super WOW! u should be proud of urself coz u helped someone hear.. and soon i'll hEAR the world! woohoo!

i haven't reached the finish line yet.. but i want to thank everyone na.. as what i always say: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart & brain! hehe.


  1. Ei tacK,

    nakakatuwa talaga, 'no? Uy teka, oorder nga pala ako ng t-shirt, Tatlo. Email kita for the sizes and color. Ang dami ko kasing ginagawa eh.

    Hang in there, dear. God is good and merciful.

  2. @ella: hello po! thanks! email me the order nlng.. thanks for dropping by my blog ah.. tc! :)


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