Monday, June 02, 2008

Last Friday & Saturday of May & First Sunday of June

I've been busy and was out of the house these past three days and aylabit! :P

It was the 2nd tuning (mapping) of my CI last Friday (May 30).. I was told by Ms. Kate to observe the sound I'm hearing and be back on Thursday for my 3rd mapping.. I still can't hear speech but I could hear real soft sound in closed spaces already.. Yey! I'll be able to hear you real soon!

Then we had a gift-giving again so that I could give-out the remaining gift from MAY Birthday Project last May 24.. I was able to give the kids in ICU (though I didn't enter coz it's ICU.. my mom just distributed the gift instead while we're waiting on the hallway) and the Pedia Cancer Ward.. There are only 7 patients in the Pedia Cancer ward.. Buti naman.. And instead of saying "get well soon", I told them "enjoy playing!" para maiba naman.. Eh kasi 'get well soon' is overrated already.. At saka kaya nga they're confined in the hospital to get well eh.. so enjoy nalang muna sila.. I know how boring it is in the hospital!!! Buti nga, nung last hospitalization ko I'm okay na eh.. I mean OK lang sakin ang lahat-lahat! Nakitulog and nagtext lang ako sa hospital for 3 days.. In sort, tumambay.. :P Back to the story, ayun I dropped by Gian & Kenneth's Ward to give them my simple work of art.. Edited pictures of course.. And Stuffed toy again..
It was fun and fulfilling ever! Super saya talaga! :)

View the photos here..

Then chill at Rob Place with my mom, Maro, Talitha, Kariz & Kayze.. Dencio's.. Timezone.. Powerbooks.. CR.. Haha! :P

I was so sleepy when we arrived home but I went to bed at around 3am.. I was blog hopping and dropping Entrecards for hours but I was too lazy to blog.. :P

My mom woke me up at 11am coz we're going to Lyric's Christening at Malolos, Bulacan..
Nice house (very very nice indeed).. Super sumptuous mealssssss! And of course great great company.. GYA Peeps! Yeah!

While we we're chilling at the living room..
"Swimming tyo"
"Sa Cainta"

So this afternoon:

I was the swam princess! Haha! Baka monster.. Hehe. Yup! I swan in 4-5feet pool.. Nainggit ako eh.. I was really expecting that I'll just be sitting on the stairs again and play with the water, just like what I did last year on the GYA Peeps Outing.. Masaya na ko non.. Eh hindi ganon.. So, masmasaya!!! Niyaya ako eh.. Eh di game! :P Actually it's easier to walk in the water than in the air.. I never fell.. I float instead.. We even played games.. Super fun! Aliw! I told them: "swimming tayo uli bukas" Nawili! Haha!

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  1. Hay naku sweetie, san mo ba hinuhugot yang courage mo? nagtanong pa...e di ke Lord...akala nila ako na pnakamatapang sa lahat...meron pa...ikaw yun....ssssshhhhh....sometimes talaga I grew weak din eh...pero resilient naman ako...ngek!

  2. uy san sa Cainta kayo nagswimming? ang lapit ko kaya....kainggit kayo noh....clows! :)

  3. ahihi ang saya saya! na-miss ko kayo, mwah mwah!

  4. san kayo sa Cainta nagswimming? lapit lang kasi kami dun.. hehe

  5. lagi kami nagsswimming sa sa clubhouse ng greenland, either sa phase 8 or phase 6 or 4 ata yun.. pero yan sa phase 8.. tga un kc mga cuzins ko.. :D minsan sali kayo.. ansaya kaya magswimming.. haha! 3 years ako d nkpagbbad sa pool eh.. :P sama kayo next time! mommycool, madalas kami sa cainta.. pakapitbahay sa inyo.. hehe. :P


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