Monday, February 02, 2009

Let's pray for Don-Don.

The youngest of the Remigio brothers & sisters, Don-Don (he's 12 years old), will undergo surgery to remove his tumor on the brain.. The operation was supposed to be this morning but his doctor had some emergency yesterday, Don-Don'surgery was moved this Friday, February 6, 2009.. Let's all pray for him, he's doctors & the success of his operation.. Prayers really move mountains..

This was posted by Marie, one of her sisters on their multiply site:
I remembered something because of your comment. Mama and Dondon went to Dra. Chiong's office and she told them that Dondon will need surgery. While Mama was confident that the surgery will be successful, Dondon was not. He asked Dra. Chiong a lot of questions. Something like, "will I die?" But she assured him that everything will be fine. I think that helped ease his worries, or he just enjoyed asking questions.

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  2. poor him.. good luck! hope everything will turn out fine..

  3. dondon was discharged from the hospital the other night.. he's fine now.. though he completely lost his hearing on his left ear since the tumor is near his auditory near, so it was damaged.. but it could have been worse right? what matters is he's okay alreay.. let's continue praying for him & his siblings.. thanks! tc & God bless!


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