Saturday, January 16, 2010

This will be my blog entry for January..I'm Busy

anuba! it's still new year on my blog.. kasawa! and that's the reason for this blog post.. i told myself that i'll blog more when the year started..

but i also started to became busy.. maybe until february 6, after our homecoming since we are the host batch this year.. :)

i've been busy these past few days, i'm still busy and i'll be busy.. but i love it! i'm busy because i can do something using my skills..

i can't but i can, ever! haha.

just finished with the tarp.. it's being printed already, so we can post it up next week.. i'm also done with the souvenir.. for printing na lang.. what's the souvenir? secret. ;P no, it's not the 'little miss' shirt, you have to buy it.. ORDER HERE. hehe

anyway, i'm just managing the shirt orders right now, receiving the order forms & gcash.. then liz will be the one to take care of the printing & the supplier..

i'm just waiting for the materials from jenny for the then i'll start making the video presentation for the event..

anyway, this is really an announcement..


Here's the teaser video:

And also, order your Little Mister & Miss Bosconian now..

ITEM: Little Miss Bosconian t-shirt
PRICES: Php 300.00 (Ladies sizes) Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Php 320.00 (Loose size) Small, Medium, Large

ITEM: Little Miss Bosconian t-shirt
Php 320.00 (Loose size) Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

deadline of submission of orders is on Monday, January 18 and deadline of payment is on Friday, January 22.

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