Monday, April 09, 2018

Today was my most awaited night

Like always, Michelle & Kathreen had a joint birthday celebration and sponsored our KAINAN SA LABAS NG BAHAY dinner. It’s something we really enjoyed doing since we we’re kids. Our first salu-salo dinner sa labas ng bahay was tuyo. 

Going back, so we had dinner a few hours ago and I was really amazed with what I saw. Yes SAW! I saw the food and things on the table. I saw the utensils. I saw their faces. I saw their gestures. I saw their moving lips. I saw the foods on my plate. I saw this. I saw that. My vision is still kinda blurry but I SAW.

Since last year, whenever we would eat outside the house with friends and/or family, I would always complain that it’s too dark and I can’t recognize the people & the food especially the food on my plate so after eating, as I say, I’ll just “eat and run” and go inside the house once I would finished eating and there were times that I chose not to come outside and have then bring the plate with food to me. It’s really annoying so instead of staying annoyed, I choose ti come where the bright light is.

“Wala naman akong masyadong nakikita kaya papasok nalang ako sa bahay.” 
“Papasok na ko kasi magku-kwento pa ko sa blog.”

Teacher Michelle's creamy carbonara na masarap

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