Wednesday, July 20, 2005

the FLIP!

after 10 years.. finally, he's here! our kuya.. my eldest cousin.. kuya franco! even though he's known as miguel in the states, dito sa pinas.. siya pa rin si franco.. our kuya franco!

our first bonding.. get-together here in our place.. though i was sleeping when the others arrived (i wasn't able to see the roberto fam.. just holyann).. it really was something.. just like the old days when the lopez clan had a get together almost every week when papa (our lolo) was still here.. if only tito vic and fam were here also.. but, just like what tita angie said, they could feel like they're with us through the pictures.. buti nalang hi-tech na ngayon! digicam-an na, hindi na kodakan na kailangang ipa-develop! haha.

then our much awaited gimik in the evening.. night out with my cousins.. kuya franco, tito jim, cris, moises, holyanne, talitha, jonathan, celina & paula.. i invited lheeyah also.. her we had a ride! (thank you. thank you. thank you.) jonathan had a takas car though.. haha. taj & maan were also with us.. extened cousins! they my cousins (yarza side) naman eh.. we chilled at gerry's grill for a beer flowing night.. there were quite a number of drunk cuzins.. haha! and not to forget the "para kay gals!" part.. hehe. remiscing the joys that papa shared with us.. ang mahiwagang jeep ng papa! haha.

thanks for the ride lheeyah! on our way..

from silent mode to extreme noise..

beers.. beers.. beers..

wala lang.

the holy anne virus.. beware! haha!

we were the only people left in gerry's grill.. the crew were waiting for us to get out of the place.. ayaw paawat.. haha! after gerry's, we went to temple in gbelt.. celina & paula got in so easily but jonathan was asked for an ID.. yung kuya pa ang sinita.. moises and cris were baby faces too.. haha. but we all got in.. dancing the night away.. we stayed until 3am then decided to go home..

outside temple.. before leaving..

the night didn't stopped there.. when we arrived home.. we chilled.. reminisced.. and loads of kulitan!!! just like when we were little.. haay! ang pinakamakulit na apo ni gals & dids ay nandito na sa pinas.. haha!

kulitan.. ever!

SUNDAY. we went to loyola memorial in marikina to visit the papa's grave..

Graciano A. Lopez Sr. (GALS)

group pic..

para kay GALS yan.. haha.

si talitha daw, wla sa pic..

then we decided to dropped by the cansino's residence in cainta since it's near..


arrival @ west point shooting range.. (owned by lolo frank)

baguio girls.. ukay challenge.. silver.. shopping.. foods..

celina & kcat

tito jim & kuya franco @ the shooting range..

pictures pa rin!!!


Lopez-Sevilla unite..
kuya franco celebrated his birthday here in the philippines last year.. in zamboanga. alone with san miguel (beer).. haha. but this time, he's with his lopez & sevilla family.. if only tito vic, tita lissa, valerie and viela were here too.. hopefully next time talga.. parang debut.. everyone said their birthday wishes and shared their memories w/ him.. saya!

this was the gift we gave kuya franco.. a photo-mosaic of some of the pix taken during his first few days here..

click to view full image

this is the pic used for his souvenir.. o dba, debut?! hehe.

click to view full image

after celina gave her wish for kuya franco, she was also presented a gift for passing the nursing borad exam.. congratulations celina!

click to view full image

family pictures..

totchal ng lola mo!

lola bebeng & mang

senoir citizens..

lola anet, lola bebeng, mang & lola fely

kapatid ni tito vic..

tito jim, kuya franco, tito jun
tita angie, mami ko, tita yam, tita belle

mga tito & tita..

tito rino, tito jim, dadi ko, kuya franco, tito jun, tito archie, tito boboy
tita angie, mami ko, mang, tita yam, tita belle

lopez family..

tito jim, mang, kuya franco

cansino family..

pail, kuya franco, cris, moises
tito archie, mang, tita yam

lopez family..

kuya franco, tito jun
mang, janna

roberto family..

kuya franco
chrissie, holy, mang, tita belle, jesper, kiefer, tito boboy

tibayan family..

tito rino, kuya franco, jonathan
dave, paula, celina, mang, tita angie, nicole

yarza family..

dadi ko, kuya franco
mami ko, maro, mang, ako, talitha

sevilla family..

kuya franco's cuzins..


apo ni diding..

lopez girls..

after the party, we all headed home.. we had a huling hirit sa paraiso ni tito jim.. haha!

the older people keep on asking what the paraiso is all about.. well, sorry po.. this part is for us..  the word has no explanation.. ang realidad.. haha. basta samin nalang yon! ;P

chenilin bam-bol-bee..


i got the bestest cuzins.. no competition.. no arguments.. just pure fun, happiness and a tight bond.. the closeness.. kulitan.. and everything else.. that's something i really treasure and am grateful for..
LOPEZ Clan.. now open for franchising.. wahahaha!

kuya franco.. youl'll be missed! we really enjoyed your stay here.. sa uulitin! hehe.

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