Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm OK

finally! i'm getting better.. it's been 3 weeks since my surgery.. almost 3 weeks of weakness.. haha. i've been really weak.. and everytime i go out of the house just to buy something from the sari-sari store.. it always seems like my world is so huge and i'm traveling very far.. eh the store is just inside the compound.. ang chaka! haha. then everytime i'd do something like going up and down the stairs, like i said walking to the store and going home, even taking a bath.. i got really tired! as in i caught myself catching my breath.. exaj men! haha. then i've been vomiting pa.. but not the food na.. this time it was a pure white saliva like a syrup antibiotic.. it was super sour.. its like an acid is coming out from my stomach.. grabeh na ititch! i've been taking medicines for my stomach already.. not to forget the headaches.. but it disappears naman after taking the medicine.. di pwedeng walang meds, unlike before..

by the time i was starting to get better.. something happened! my hair was falling.. real bad! i thought i'd go bald.. i got a lot of poknat already.. haha. dr. lopez said that the hair loss was caused by the beam that targeted the tumors.. so only the parts where the beam crossed are the only one to get bald.. so poknat nga ititch! hehe. luckily, my hair is thick.. so it's not so obvious unless you'll really inspect my head, the bald part will show off.. buti nalang i don't have to wear a wig.. though i've considered it before coz i really thought all my hair would fall off.. buti nalang nde! but then again, wig? y not?! haha. ang gulo ko!

but i'm ok! no headaches. no drowsiness. no stomach pain. i'm not weak anymore. i could already go on long walks (like malling.. haha). i just have to eat. eat. eat. so that i won't throw up an acid-like saliva anymore.. haha.

btw, i had my check up this evening.. grabeh! there were a lot of patients! exaj! i got inside dr. lopez/ clinic at around 10pm! some of the patients were already there at 2pm and they were called at 8pm already! grabeh!

the first thing my doctor asked me was "gumimik ka na ba?" well, well, well.. not yet. but i have lots of pending gimmicks! haha. he said i should be active.. and i'm ok na.. my hyperactivity level will slowly be increasing in the coming weeks or days? get ready friends! haha. wooohooo!

tomorrow's madie's birthday.. we might go out for dinner at night.. then kuya franco will be visiting the country.. after 10 years (i think), we'll finally see him again.. we're gonna go out on saturday night.. gimik ititch! then next week, i'm going to Baguio with my cousins and kuya franco (or should i say miguel?!) hehe. then watch a movie or videoke with the frootfoots! finally! and so on and so forth.. friends & cousins, i'm back! hehehe!

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