Tuesday, March 06, 2007


it's been a while..

i'm fond of reading news & current events online since i always feel blank whenever i watch the news on tv.. chismosang bingi eh.. hehe. so may pakielam pa naman ako.. ;P

while i was reading.. take note: entertainment section ha.. hehe. kasi i click on everything eh.. be it business.. lifestyle.. international.. national.. lifestyle.. etc. even news from tabloids.. haha. ayun nga even entertainment.. d 'to pahuhuli noh! hahaha! so yun nga.. i came across about the kris-james-hope issue.. like i care noh! mag-sapakan sila kung gusto nila.. what struck me was part of the letter of kris that was read in the buzz.. it came from a book she she is currently reading.. it goes like this: "Why does God make us wait for healing? Waiting is the most difficult part, how well we wait reveals whether we have faith in God." by joyce meyer from the book Beauty For Ashes, Receiving Emotional Healing..

eto lang masasabi ko.. it seems i have a lot of faith stored.. ayun.. tinatamad na kong mag-elaborate eh.. ;P

eto pa daw..

"If you want to get better, you cannot be bitter."

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