Friday, March 16, 2007

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i saw this post in my other blog.. a private one.. haha. siguro u're wondering bakit walang lovelife d2 noh? kasi andon.. hahaha!

neway, i was reading my former kadramahan when isaw this posted last january 18, 2005.. before my open-close brain surgery.. wala lang.. i just wanna point that i got the best present last Christmas of 2004.. STRENGTH! ayun..

here it it..

im scheduled for surgery on wednesday (january 19) already.. that soon huh?! scary?! im not sure.. actually, i still feel normal.. like it's just gonna be another day tomorrow.. or another minor operation.. i was in deep thinking the other night.. but not that deep.. haha! i was just thinking, how i felt when i first had my operation.. it was my very cyst removal.. i was in grade 6 then.. i wasn't that scared though two cyst were removed.. imagine this: my left arm is being stitched while the cyst at my back is being cut.. o dba?! san ka?! i felt everything.. i was awake.. but that's nothing.. hehe! N.R. i've undergone a lot of operation.. cysts operation.. in my left arm.. my back.. my forehead.. my left ring finger.. actually, i got lots of it pa.. if i'll enumerate where each so-called cysts are located.. you might searched for it when when we saw it other.. haha! newei, it was only last year when we learned that these so-called cysts are not normal cyst at lall like what we used to know.. these are neurofibromas.. tumours of the nerve.. yup! it grows like mushrooms.. anywhere.. everywhere.. wherever.. whenever.. so.. yun.. anyway, this is it.. i'll gonna be in the hospital tomorrow.. and the day after that.. the operation.. haha! i know naman from the start that there's a reason behind everything.. even this.. dba?! God Bless as people say.. but i know God Blesses us more than we know.. ryt?!
newei, i was chatting with a friend a week ago i think.. he asked me what was the greatest gift i received last christmas.. ya, he's question was weird but that made me think.. ano nga kaya.. and it popped into my mind.. STRENGTH! ;)

i waana post this din..
just finished having a heart-to-heart talk with tita angie.. grabeh.. i never thought we could talk about things like that.. basically about life.. it started with a small talk regarding what happend here in our house last night.. aba! tito jim's friend though toti jim's not friend with him anymore after what happened) stole my moms phone inside our house ha! haha! bsta un! he got what he deserves naman.. he's in jail right now. nako! then i told her what happened to me.. i told her that we're friends with madie again.. (yup, lam nya rin.. hehe) galign nga eh.. ganda ng timing.. kokie's here in the philippines din.. la lang.. 6 kme.. just like before.. we we're all immature lang tlga before.. pero we should be proud of ourselves ha.. coz that just mean we handled it like a mature ladies.. haha! (sabi ni tita angie yan.. hehe) then we we're chatting and chatting.. girl talk.. i told her my outlook in life.. how i really think that everything has a reason.. how everything person that enters in our life helps us grow.. inspires us in different ways.. and makes us learn.. yes, even those who hurt us and made us cry.. kaaliw tlga! as in! i told her everything.. even the people i met.. new found friends.. (hmmm?! hehe), my friends.. they all shared a part in my of what i am today.. ano ba yan.. ka-shock naman tong mga pinagsasabi ko.. hehe! grabeh! we talked about her life.. her family.. grabeh! i didn't think na magkakasundo kme knowing she's a born again.. la lang.. kc i got a lot of contradictions regarding they're beliefs.. not in everything naman pla.. galing! super aliw.. then she told me.. she's asking the Lord nga, why should i have this.. imagine 1 out of 10,000 people.. she said that God has a purpose for it.. then i told her.. "kung wla akong sakit, nde tau makakapag-usap ng ganito.." hehe! totoo naman dba?! ;P i told her why i think i got sick.. it's still my 'everything has a reason'.. ano ba yan.. a walk to remember ha.. hehe! then she asked me what i really feel daw.. i told her.. "tanggap ko" im not trying to hide my feelings.. whatever i'm showing.. yun na un.. why should i cry? why should i get lonely? ano magagawa non dba?! i shouldn't stop living life the way i want it to be just because i'm sick.. lalo lang ako magkakasakit.. (depression) mind over matter which i learned from ysiad ha! hehe! there's a reason behind this.. i know there is.. o dba?! is this really me?! im not showing you that i'm a strong person even if i'm scared.. i need to be strong.. but i'm not really that scared.. ganito lng tlga ako.. even at the hardest situation.. i still try to look on the positive side of things.. cguro naman maniniwala na kau that i'm really sick and i got a tumor in my brain.. hehe! nde me nagpapaka-manhid.. la lang.. this is how i take it.. smile nlng.. i don't really want people pity me.. though i'm really touched.. as in! promise.. pero u don't have to think about it a lot of times.. cge na nga, d naman mapipigilan mag-worry.. thank you. pero nalulungkot lang me.. not because i'm sick.. kc nakikita ko kayong ganyan.. hehe! bsta u'll wear bandana if ever you're planning to visit me after my operation ha! hehe! ok na un! ;P o dba?! another side of tack na naman.. drama! hehe!

newei, grabeh pla.. mga friends.. touch tlga me sa inyo ha.. as in! ysiad.. when i told u about it, kahit d mo lam kung maniniwala ka or nde.. then u hagged me.. grabeh! thanks! thank you din coz u asked utchie's mom pa how we could get some money from pcso (ung nga ba?! hehe).. michelle, thanks for worrying.. kaw ang super worried.. as in! every hug u gave me.. i feel the comfort.. touched din me sa mom mo when she can't sleep the night after she knew about it.. ;) lheeyah! thank you thank you thank you! touch me sa mom mo.. and when u said you'll be there waiting outside the operating room while my operation is undergoing.. grabeh! c pau.. na ang puro question.. bkt?! bkt?! bkt?! may reason naman yan eh.. kahit nung nalaman nya.. parang mommy pa rin.. touched tlga me sa inyo! mei.. i never expected wat you texted me ha.. "a spacial person lyk you shouldn't be sick lyk dat" la lang.. simple words lang pero promise.. iba! hehe! special child ba?! hehe! cathy, 1 text lang.. aba reply kagad.. i felt u even sa txt lang.. buti nlng may load ka.. himala! wahahaha! and all my friends.. dami2.. im touched! promise.. i told tita angie nga eh.. im so grateful for having friends like you.. saya! oist! walang iiyak! wahaha! ay huhuhu pla.. kuha muna tissue.. punas luha.. haha! and syempre may fam.. bsta un na un.. hehe! you're all the reason kaya me nagiging strong.. hehe! o dba!? serious na tlga! hehe! minsan lang to.. hirap pla pag wlang tulog.. kung ano2ng naiicp.. haha! sabi nga ni warren (di ko sya boylet).. God blessed us more than we know.. hehe! share ko lang.. sabi nya yan eh.. ;P

tama na drama! *singhot* wahahaha! o, throw the tissue na.. nyahahahaha!

posted by tacK @ 10/17/2004 08:45:00 AM

i just wanna share my kadramahan lang.. i've been reading old posts kasi from my other (private) blog eh.. i had it since may 2003.. so u figure out what's posted there.. lots of memories.. hahaha! so, who knows about it? ewan ko na.. a few friends siguro.. o baka they forgot about it na.. eh di ako nalang! pero if u wanna read my kadramahan.. just ask me about the link.. and we'll see.. ayos!
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