Monday, September 22, 2008

EYE can hear

I just finish reading the Twilight series and I was really entertained.. I had fun reading it.. They say it's for young adults.. Eeeh, sabi ko sa'yo ysiad I'm old 16 18! Haha!

And I'm looking forward for the upcoming movie.. Sure it won't be exactly the same but I'm curious.. I'm not sure if I'll be able to hear it by then.. I know I would be hearing something by then, I'm not expecting everything though.. Basta, I wanna watch.. Ang wheelchair friendly kasi sa Greenhills Cinema eh.. Kaaliw!

*it's showing will be on november 21(?) na pala.. earlier.. yipee!

BTW, I have a very very very very very very very good news! It's connected.. It seems like my vision has improved or something?! I'm not so sure.. But this is really one of the many many miracles i received, am receiving and will be receiving.. Eh kasi.. Story mode muna.. Once upon a time.. Joke. Ever since my world became silent, my favorite hobbies are eating, staying infront of the computer and reading books.. I love to read since I don't need to listen.. Hehe. But.. My problem are my eyes and head.. My eyes easily gets tired and blurred.. Plus my head feels tired too soon and it can't concentrate for too long.. Basta. Basta. So I get to finished normally a 300-page book for about a week or two.. Yeah that long.. It kinda hurt everytime I pause on a certain page, but I ignore the pain, just rest and continue the next day.. I want to finish.. Then I was so BUSY with stuffs (fund raising and all) so I didn't had time to read anymore.. Until I got curious with what's the hype all about and read Twilight then New Moon, then Eclipse, then Breaking Dawn.. I read 498 pages. 563 pages. 629 pages. 768 pages. And my eyes didn't hurt or blur a bit! WOW! Except for the natural blur of course-my scar on my eye.. My eyes always becomes red pa rin though.. eye drops lang katapat non! Basta. Basta. Huwaw! Ang saya lang.. And I read it all in 3 weeks! I can't wait for my next eye checkup (wala lang pampacheckup.. Haha!;P) so that I could thank Dr. Santos.. Grabe super kaaliw!

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