Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pray for Baby Dave

Daming may kailangan ng prayers.. Tsk. Prayer is a super duper mega powerful solution.. Prayers move mountains..

I got this from Cathie's blog, I repeat, this is a re-post:

>help us pray for my cousin,Dave(his pic above) he is 2 months old and he is suffering from hernia(luslos). His hernia is inborn :(

>his sac have hole,, dapat daw masara yun kc baka yung intestine nya yung pumasok dun sa butas and baka di na maibalik w/c is more dangerous.. but as of now he is under observation(for 2-3 months) if he will undergo in an operation.. we are praying na di na ma-undergo sa operation.. sana makayanan ng medicines nya.. he is too young to suffer hernia.. please help us pray...

I'm not asking you tosupport a fund raiser this time.. all you have to do is PRAY.

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  1. i can't believe a tiny little angel may undergo in an operation.

    i have experienced giving birth on ceasarian process. so opera yun. ang hirap ren makarecover kc masakit yung sugat!!! And hindi ko maimagine ang baby, so young...

  2. wawa naman si baby dave noh? pray pray lang tayo.. tsk. tsk. tsk. talaga..


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